#WeekendWritercize 8 Winner - Sarah Aisling

Oh my goodness, I am such a lucky girl to get to read flash fiction by truly gifted writers every Monday. Everyone who writes for #WeekendWritercize has a unique voice and perspective and there is no greater joy than seeing what they can do with a little prompt. If you haven't already, look at the past entries and follow these people on twitter, because they are really great.

As a reminder, this week's #WeekendWritercize asked participants to create a story with the same opening line: "She awoke at dusk in a field of daisies." It is so fun to read various interpretations of a single sentence.

So whose story takes the cake?

This week's winner is:
This is her SECOND win!

Sarah won the first #WeekendWritercize with her lyrical voice, and this week she once again proved she has the soul of a poet in the way she paints a picture with her words and the eye of a cinematographer in the details and ebb and flow of the scene.

Fireflies winked in the gloom, hovering in the air like glinting jewels. One landed on a daisy beside her head, its tiny legs probing the petals gingerly. Eliza was entranced by the explorations of the little insect, until it dawned on her that the last thing she remembered was being in this very field in the middle of the sunny afternoon. With Jeremy.

What a beautiful pause. I know this is a woman who lives so deeply in the moment that she captures magic. As the story unwinds and takes her to a fearful place, Sarah exhibits her mastery of the scene and builds suspense.
“Jeremy?” Her voice came out as a hoarse croak, and she cleared her throat and tried again. “Jeremy?”

Her only answer was the chirping of crickets and the croaking of frogs. As she walked toward the edges of the field, there was a rustling in one of the trees and the haunting “Hoo, hoo!” of an owl.

You have to read the story to see what happens next. It is 629 words of pure literary joy.

Sarah, please pick up your badge below! Congratulations to you on your second win and I hope to read much more from you!

Honorable Mention:

Lisa is becoming a regular at #WeekendWritercize and I am really getting to know her voice, which is a wonderful reward. I think I could almost look at several stories and pick out the one penned by Lisa McCourt Hollar among them, which is really a testament to her skill.

This week, I was blown away by once again by Lisa's strength in story telling. She is the queen of twists and turns, and I never know what surprise is lurking just around the corner.

This week, Lisa took me to a world where vampires and priests meet in the most unusual circumstances, and we had the opportunity to meet a new character, Eva. Eva is a strong heroine and I am excited to see her come to life!

Pick up your badge below:

Once again, congratulations to ALL of the entries and thank you for participating!  I love reading what you write every week and look forward to seeing what you create next week!

All Entries:
Christopher (CHM1880)
Lisa Hollar
Sarah Aisling
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