Sell Me Some Chocolate - writercize #165

As long as we are on the food train this week with so many inspiring descriptions in Monday's Feeling Fruity, I thought we could move right along to a writercize based on everyone's favorite dessert: chocolate.

It's time to turn up the description with a sales pitch. Take all those sumptuous, sensuous words you used when describing the look, taste, touch, smell and sound of fruit and infuse it with emotion. 

I realize chocolate itself is not a very difficult sell for most people, but think of how competing companies attempt to stand out from one another to gain customers. They have to find a way for the shopper to pick their 85% dark cocoa bar over the neighboring one. Graphic design can do a lot, but words hold true power.

Think about the names of chocolate. 

Ghiradelli's slogan is "moments of pleasure," and they give their bars exotic names like midnight reverie, twilight delight, evening dream, hazelnut heaven... Tell me you don't want a bite right now! 

Then there is the After Eight chocolate mint. 

Dove chocolates has created a home sales empire with "simply irresistable" Dove chocolate "discoveries." 

The names literally whisk you away to another place. Marketing collateral makes use of the five senses to describe the quality of chocolate much as a sommelier describes the qualities in a fine wine, while the slogan or name of the chocolate conveys the emotion.

writercize: Sell me some chocolate. 

Use anything in your power between emotion and the five senses to sell it. You may describe the chocolate, create a name or slogan, or combine efforts. This is all about building up your business marketing skills.

(Oh, and since chocolate looks to be a little more sultry than my normal fare, please remember the blog's student readers!)

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writercize sample response:

Sweet undertones coat the tongue in waves, spiked by deep bitter shades of intense cacao flavoring and a mocha aroma in this irresistible 90% dark chocolate bar. Best paired with a nightcap and a tall, dark stranger, it is sure to inspire and intrigue.

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  1. Fairy Dreams Chocolate:
    Who needs a knight in shining armor or to wait in a tower until your prince charming saves you, when you can have Fairy Dreams chocolate? One bite will whisk you away in fairy dreams of princes, dragons and the kiss of a lifetime.

    Yes, I am sure you are laughing at my silliness but at least I tried! :) (And for the record, I don't like chocolate all that much)

    Konstanz Silverbow
    A to Z Challenge c-host


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