#WeekendWritercize 7 WINNER - @Jezri!

Thank you to everyone who tweeted away this week's #WeekendWritercize for all the promo, and to the four fabulous writers who entered. In true Irish spirit, we had a couple of long entries which makes me happy to see the words were willing to flow! Author Cara Michaels even found the opening scene to her third novel in the Gaea's Chosen series, so fans looking for a sneak peak of what's to come, check it out here.

As a reminder, this week's #WeekendWritercize asked participants to create a story in which a lucky charm plays a pivotal role. The four entries were diverse and entertaining as could be.

So whose story takes the cake?

This week's winner is:
This is her SECOND win!

The story starts off innocently enough. It is a warm, familiar scene between child and babysitter, struggling with bedtime.

Lily sighed. She knew there was no point in arguing with him, not when he was wound up like this. If she wanted him to get back to bed, so she could get back to her reading assignment, she would have to let him tell his story. “Okay Tyler, what happened? Did aliens try and take you back to your planet?”

“No,” Tyler said, his voice heavily laced with sarcasm. “That was last week.”

“And they haven’t been back yet? Well then, I suppose that you were nearly eaten by zombies.”

Tyler glared at Lily and she tried not to laugh.

In the end, I picked this story because it really just made me happy to read. It was a quick and enjoyable read and the writing really supported a great story. Plus, bonus - there are a few great twists at the end, all bottled into 936 words.

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Honorable Mention:

I really liked the imagery in this story, and I am drawn into the characters, hoping for the woman's safety as she brings a vagabond into her home. I'm also really wondering who really considers the amulet their lucky charm, since they both feel a deep connection that has not yet been revealed. Nicely done.

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Once again, congratulations to ALL of the entries and thank you for participating!  I love reading what you write every week and look forward to seeing what you create next week!

All Entries:
Cara Michaels
Christopher (CHM1880)
Lisa Hollar
For a look at all these great stories, click here.

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