Get Outta Here! - writercize #170

As a writer, I spend altogether too much time inside my head, and I find that it is good practice to remind myself to turn off the computer, get away from the screen, put down the pen, turn off the voice in my head, and get out of the house for a nice long walk. So that is exactly what I want you to do today. Break away from your head, breathe deeply and live in the moment. Oh, and take a camera.

writercize: Reboot your creative juices by turning off the writer and open yourself up to new possibilities. Grab your camera and go for a walk around the neighborhood. 

Click a few photos of the world around you to record your journey and see the world in a different light.

Breathe. Smile. Skip, run, jump, walk backwards. Enjoy the spring and breathe in life. Whatever you do, do not compose any sort of story or description in your mind.

Inspiration will come later.

I'll be back with a photo from my walk later in the week for a new writercize for everyone to try, but today I will treat myself to a little reboot and pause from the writercize sample response for a day.


  1. This is such a great reminder. Sometimes we all need a break from the words.

  2. Rebooting is essential. I love to go camping to reboot. Also, swinging works great too. I hope that you enjoyed your walk.

  3. I'm stopping by to say hello before the A-Z challenge begins. I'm a new follower here :)

  4. I thought I'd stop by before the A-Z Challenge begins. Will be looking forward to vivsting your blog and will be a challenge trying to keep up with everyone.


  5. Great post - sometimes we really just need to recharge. New follower :)

  6. Wow. Sounds like an interesting challenge.



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