What is Writercizing?

Writercizing is taking the time several times a week to practice the craft of writing through simple exercises.
Writercize is a community for writers of all ages and stages who recognize the value of frequent practice.  Whether you are a student, an amateur, a published author, a freelancer or a teacher, I sincerely hope you are able to find some inspiration here, and pass a little my way as well! 

Here's the routine - I post an idea or writing exercise (aka - the writercize) daily Monday through Thursday.  Exercises are relatively quick, generally taking 5-20 minutes of your time.  My intent is to plant ideas and work on the difficult but necessary practice of choosing words wisely.  You are your own editor.  (But don't edit too much - keep the exercise quick and painless!)  The main idea is - repetition breeds expertise.

I test out each of my writercizes before posting, so click "read more" for my sample response under any blog entry.
If you use one of my writing exercises for your blog or classroom (yes!), please be courteous and reference "writercize" and my blog in your introduction.  

So, sharpen your pencil, dust off your keyboard and join me.
PS - Comment often!  I would love hear about your experience with the exercise and especially love to see your writercize results.  It is fascinating to see how many different answers and samples can arise from the same question, so show me the way you think and create.