Story Sprouts, Heartbeats and More... Oh My!

Oh goodness, it has been a long time, hasn't it? So, I suppose I should share a little bit about what's been going on, and why I left and why I'm back, and all that catch-up stuff, yeah? 

(At this point, if you prefer to skip the chit chat and head straight to the point, scroll on down until you see all caps. There's the juiciest newsworthy meat. I won't be mad if you skip ahead. I promise)

When I began this blog, I was just starting out in this wild world of writing. I was given the very sage advice by a woman who at the time was a mentor I admired and has since become a very, very good friend, that all writers must have a blog. Long before the final draft and the first query letter, the blog established an author's all-important platform, a veritable requirement in today's literary landscape.

So, I hemmed and I hawed, trying to find what in the world I would actually enjoy writing day in and day out, and what I would actually be willing to share with just anyone. Some might say I am the type to hold my cards a bit closer than most; on Facebook my posts are certainly not public and I struggle with that line of what is enough to share to give strangers a glimpse of who I am, but not enough to bore a follower or appear...what's the word?...narcissistic, perhaps.

I needed something that was enjoyable and useful. And thus, in the middle of a shower epiphany, writercize was born. I could create random writing prompts to hone my writing skills, imagine that others might actually find those prompts useful, and have some variety. I could talk about my day if I wanted, as I often did in the intros and lead-ins to the exercise, I could teach and exercise creativity through writing the prompt, and I could practice right alongside my readers, tossing out all sorts of writing genres and styles and trying them on for size.

In the beginning, nighttime was my only quiet time of day, and I relished in the half hour in which I would sit down at my computer and write, then additional half hour when I could read insights from others. It was a welcome and relaxing part of my schedule.

And then, I began to write more for the newspaper, and I didn't feel as if I needed to practice quite so much. And then, my children got older and I had more free, quiet time during the day (during the school year, at least) and I wasn't pushed to write only at night—my most creative time. And then, I decided that it might actually be nice to get some sleep earlier, as I was getting my alone time else where. And then, I was invited to join the board of the Children's Book Writers of Los Angeles as the Publications Editor, now Director.

And I found that I had developed a platform in real life. So I all but abandoned writercize and allowed it to rest and breathe a bit while I attended to other writing passions and obligations, amidst all the hustle and bustle and beauty of everyday life. And I was okay with that, because I feel that hidden among the 250+ posts that I created here, there are exercises that stand the test of time. Actually, I believe all of them do...I could never write another writercize on this blog, and people would probably be able to find some sort of writing inspiration regardless.

But then, sometimes I do have news, and it's exciting, and I want to share it with all of you, at least any of you who still arrive at my blog! Or old blogging friends who still blog yourselves and follow this feed. With an average blog life of just two years, I imagine it's a whole new atmosphere compared to when I first started, but...just maybe it gives me a chance to reconnect and share more moments with you.

And sometimes I think that it would be great fun to come back and revitalize writercize, even once a week, and I might, just for the joy in writing. When I started, many days, this was the only writing I did. These days, it's rare that I don't have a deadline just around the corner. I'm working on a creative nonfiction. I'm writing for the paper. I write company bios. I'm teaching a workshop next month. I co-edit an annual writing resource and anthology. I am exceedingly fortunate to watch my career grow, bit by bit, from when I began this blogging journey. 

And so, I hang on to this site, for the pleasure of sharing past prompts, for the possibility that I will one day wake up inspired to return, and for the platform to continue to share news with you.

Since I last blogged about my incredible journey in Benin several months ago, I wanted to share with you two different books that I've participated in.

I highly encourage you to take a look, and proceeds from both books go to support charity, so that's a bonus!!

Edited by Jax Goss

The first was published June 1, titled Heartbeats: Voices Against Oppression. It is a collection of fictional short stories about human trafficking. I have a story in the book called "Moonlit Memories," which examines four different modern day slaves in four different circumstances around the world: one man and three women, spread out from Dubai to Togo (West Africa) to Italy and the United States. Every one of these countries face serious uphill battles to eliminate trafficking, as do so many others world-wide. It is a problem that plagues developing and developed nations alike.

All of the proceeds go to the Not For Sale Campaign to fight trafficking; the collection was inspired by the girls in Nigeria kidnapped by Boko Haram. Their story brought attention to a serious, ongoing international problem front and center. 

The minute I saw the call for submissions, I felt compelled to write. It was a very, very quick turn-around, but I knew I had to do something. I first became aware of human trafficking—in modern times, in the developed world—after hearing a politician address it during a workshop on campus at the University of Washington. Once I knew about the issue, there was no going back to an ignorant or naive state of mind, and I've followed stories throughout the years about the ugly realities. 

Today, there are an estimated 30 million (that's 30,000,000!!) people who are victims of "human trafficking." That's really a kind way to say the truth...men, women and children either sold into modern slavery or robbed of their documentation and forced to work nonstop in the hopes of earning it back. While my "Moonlit Memories" story is fictional, there are seeds of truth in every scene. 

Nine other authors also contributed to the book, which was released by Solarwyrm Press and Fey Publishing. It's available on Amazon in Kindle or paperbook form.

Volume II, 2014
Co-Edited by Alana Garrigues (that's me!) and Nutschell Anne Windsor

Whereas the book mentioned above took a couple days and a few hours of my time, this second book took many months and countless hours. And every last one of those hours was worth it!

Story Sprouts: Voice is the second volume of an annual book that CBW–LA, the writing organization I mentioned above, puts together. It's one part writing resource, one part writing inspiration, one part poetry, two parts prose and infinite parts amazing way to highlight writing talent!

Last year was our very, very first volume, and I would consider it our pilot. Indie publishing is quite a rich challenge! Last year was great; this year rocks our socks. 

The book grows out of a one day writing workshop, aptly named the Writing Day Workshop, in which we gather brave writing souls together in one room, feed them a lot, lecture them a bit, and allow their creative minds to go wild. 

They write for a few hours; they turn in their work; I run a lot of line and developmental editing with my co-editor's incredible insight and help (Nutschell Anne Windsor of The Writing Nut is SO SMART! and that friend I mentioned above about the blogging thing); a pro (Pat Stainke) copy edits the whole manuscript; Nutschell manages all the ins and outs of indie publishing and cover design and book formatting and marketing stuff with some of my insight and help, and five months after the workshop...voila! 

A book! 

And a big party to celebrate their brilliance and creativity! This post is already super long, but I'll go ahead and post a few party photos sometime next week. Also we talk about the book these days on our Facebook fan page, specifically on Sundays year round. 

Featuring quotes from famous authors, one-of-a-kind lessons and insight into the literary device of VOICE (this year's theme), a novella about the first 24 hours after an imaginary shipwreck, short memoirs and vignettes from childhood and so, so, so much more, it is hard to explain but a lot of fun. 

I highly recommend it for writers, teachers, writing groups, English classes, and anyone who enjoys new voices and faces in literature and short stories. An Index of Authors and three different Tables of Contents allow any sort of reader to peruse the book in the way that best matches his/her interests.

If you do purchase a copy (Kindle, Amazon paperback, or .epub on Blurtery), we'd love an honest review on Amazon/Goodreads/your blog. Seriously, the best way to grow and improve is honesty. Also, if you do purchase a copy, know that you are supporting the CBW–LA and our mission to educate and inspire writers. We offer workshops year-round; weinvite published authors from Picture Book through YA to lecture or workshop as guest speakers; we host critique groups; we inspire writers! CBW–LA is a registered non-profit educational organization fast approaching five years with a five- (soon to be six-!) person volunteer Board of Directors.

We do have a limited number of free eBooks available for book reviewers with a proven history of posting reviews, and both Nutschell and I are available for blog or media interviews. Please leave a comment below if you are interested or click the link above to send me an email, and thank you for your support.

A total of 25 authors contributed to this year's volume, released by CBW–LA Publications, which is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback form and Blurtery in .epub digital form. Each author submitted a minimum of four pieces.

Visit Amazon or Goodreads for a full list of the authors.

This year's blurb:


Story Sprouts: Voice features the fearless adventures of 25 aspiring and published children's book authors-- gifted writers who spent one day exploring the mysteries and nuanced expression of Authorial, Narrative and Character Voice.

Included are more than 60 works of original poetry and prose. The authors composed in less than 10 hours, as they deepened their understanding of literary devices and sharpened their powers of observation and interpretation. Each learned to speak from the heart of a child, from the soul of an inanimate object, and to faithfully represent a character meticulously created from a photograph.

Readers will be touched and inspired, but Story Sprouts is also a rich reference tool for teachers and workshop leaders. The book offers prompts and tips, details the specific workshop techniques used, includes handouts and other materials, and cites a wealth of free online resources--all of which serve to strengthen writers as they pursue their craft.

Co-Edited by Alana Garrigues and Nutschell Anne Windsor

Our first book, Story Sprouts 2013featuring 19 authors and holding a five-star average rating on Amazon and 4.84 stars on Goodreads, is also available on Amazon and Blurtery. Each author last year submitted two pieces: one on writing, the other inspired by a photo. We embarked on a fun month-long blog tour in January 2014.

Visit Amazon or Goodreads for a full list of the authors.

Last year's blurb:

What happens when linguistic lovers and tale tellers workshop together? Inspiration. Wonder. Discovery. Growth. Magic. 

Brave and talented, the writers featured in this anthology took on the challenge of dedicating one day to the raw and creative process of writing. A rare view into the building blocks of composition, Story Sprouts is made up of nearly 40 works of poetry and prose from 19 published and aspiring children's book authors. 

This compilation includes all of the anthology writing exercises and prompts, along with tips, techniques and free online writing resources to help writers improve their craft.  


The next Writing Day Workshop is open now; it will take place on April 25, 2015. Registration is required; we do anticipate it will sell out. If you're in the L.A. area or fancy a weekend in So Cal, we welcome you!

And so, that's it! All the news that's fit to scroll! I shan't make any promises about how long before I return, but please do email or comment if you have a question or if you'd like to talk about a review or cover reveal for Story Sprouts: Voice and I'll be sure to reach out! Or you can email me at alana(at)cbw-la(dot)org.

Thanks so much!