Dear Writercize, My Apologies

Dear Writercize Blog,

I want to apologize for abandoning you these past several days. I've missed you, and while it may sound cliche', it's not you - it's me.

I've just been busy trying to balance the scales with work, parenting, volunteering and sleep, and you are the piece that was neglected. I know, no excuses are good excuses. It's all about making the time.

But, I've been to a wedding! And I've skied down slopes for the first time in nearly a decade! And I've had articles published in the paper! And I've led a couple of meetings! And I've managed to wake up and take my kids to preschool and pick them up and feed them! So, you see, I've been living and experiencing things so that I can come to you with renewed energy and ideas.

Now, my brain is on, and I'm back! I'll catch up on your missing #AtoZChallenge posts this week and get you rolling right along again. My mind needs the creative flow that comes with feeding you frequently.

I'll be seeing you.