Dear Writercize, My Apologies

Dear Writercize Blog,

I want to apologize for abandoning you these past several days. I've missed you, and while it may sound cliche', it's not you - it's me.

I've just been busy trying to balance the scales with work, parenting, volunteering and sleep, and you are the piece that was neglected. I know, no excuses are good excuses. It's all about making the time.

But, I've been to a wedding! And I've skied down slopes for the first time in nearly a decade! And I've had articles published in the paper! And I've led a couple of meetings! And I've managed to wake up and take my kids to preschool and pick them up and feed them! So, you see, I've been living and experiencing things so that I can come to you with renewed energy and ideas.

Now, my brain is on, and I'm back! I'll catch up on your missing #AtoZChallenge posts this week and get you rolling right along again. My mind needs the creative flow that comes with feeding you frequently.

I'll be seeing you.



  1. I found you during the A to Z Challenge, and I loved your posts and wanted to do the exercises but I neglected you too because I was busy, so followed with the intention of catching up now its over. So, shall we just start again? lol

  2. Ah, I can relate so well to this post. Family and life do come first, don't they? I mentioned you in my blog today!

  3. LOL!! I'm just impressed you remembered to pick them UP from preschool too... schools get so picky about that step.

    In Which We Start Anew

  4. It's great to have you back. If a break helps you get a balance on things, have new experiences and also gain renewed energy, then it's a break that is well worth taking. Congratulations on being published in the papers and I hope your Ski adventures were fun. Also, Happy Mother's Day!

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    @MadlabPost on Twitter

  5. Wow. You've been busy. Never apologize for having a real life. From my retirement cottage, I envy you. The most important job is naturing your children. Everything else comes after that in any order you choose. Best of luck.


  6. Sometimes we have to live life rather than just write about it. You've made the best choice, but we also look forward to when you will be back to the blog.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  7. I love how can life can interrupt and inspire writing! What a paradox! Bon courage.

  8. Hey, just making my way 'round the A to Z linky list. Congrats on feeding your kids! ;-) And yay for weddings and skiing and publication!
    Some Dark Romantic

  9. Very clever post. Life has to come first. Visiting you from the A-Z Roadtrip and looking forward to reading more when you can visit your blog again.


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