The Two Word Sentence - Guest Sara Dawkins

Welcome guest writercizer Sara Dawkins! Sara is a nanny and freelance writer who e-mailed me out of the blue asking for a guest post, and really did a fabulous job putting it together and sticking within the spirit of this blog. Thank you Sara! I will give it a whirl in the comments section. Please read through this great post, try out the writercize and check out the website Sara works on!
Author Bio
Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She also helps in providing information on nanny jobs through her writing.  Contact her at saradawkins61ATgmail.com.

It’s always hard to get inspired. Not only is having a new, fresh idea important, but it is also difficult to actually put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and get to work. To get myself writing, I sometimes just start in the middle of the action or with a phrase that’s been spinning in my mind. In that mindset, two word sentences can be great, simple starters to your work.
writercize: Create a short story or scene starting with one of the following sentences:
·      She fell.
·      He sighed.
·      It broke.
·      They left.
·      We waited.
Please share your result as a comment or link to your response on your website!
Click "read more" for writercizer Sara Dawkins' sample response. (Ed. note: Do it! You'll be rewarded with a little romance.)
writercizer sample response:
She fell. She hadn’t realized she could fall; never even considered it as an option. It seems strange, but the thought hadn’t entered her mind in ages.
It wasn’t that she was too old. On the contrary, she was in the prime of her life. And it wasn’t because she thought of herself as ugly or unlovable. No, she knew that she could be loved; her family loved her, as did her friends, and she was pretty enough, she guessed.
But to have a man love her… That was a completely foreign idea. She wasn’t destined for that. She had a family to take care of, bills to pay, and a house to run. There was no time for romance or adventure, at least none that took place outside of her books.
Until she met him. Through a sense of lonely desperation; a need to see if there was anyone out there that didn’t completely repulse her, she signed up for a dating service. She figured it wouldn’t lead anywhere. Maybe a few new experiences, a nice dinner or two; something to get her out of the house.
He wasn’t the first. He was the fifth. Four guys and five miserable dates later, she’d about given up all hope. Even he sounded only marginally acceptable. Oh, well, at least he was new and different and someone to talk to intelligently- she hoped. Writing was far different from talking in person, and the last failed date had her shuddering in remembered horror.
He stood when she approached, and as she met his eyes, she knew there was something there. Something different. Something that clicked.
She said nothing. Maybe it was all in her head, this indefinable feeling. Maybe it was just that he was handsome, though he really wasn’t the type that usually attracted her, or maybe it was the lopsided smile he greeted her with- so pleasantly surprised.
Whatever it was, by the time the date was through she’d fallen…
And she couldn’t even tell you why.


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    He sighed.

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  2. He sighed "Oh no, not again" after the blonde bombshell did not return from the bathroom after what seemed like hours while he waited with anticipation handcuffed to the four-post bed. Bill knew exactly what had just happened as he was not new at having casual, one-time encounters with women he just met at the train station or at the bus stop.


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