Next Word - writercize #166

Next Word is a really easy-breezy game I play every once in a while to clear out the cobwebs and get your brain going. It's simple, fun and can be quite revealing! 

Essentially, next word is a game of association. You get a list of words, and you have to name the very first thing that comes to mind for each of the five words. If you are feeling particularly ambitious, make a story or poem with your five new words.

writercize: Write the next word you associate with each of the following words:
  • arrow
  • post
  • bridge
  • scales
  • shadow
Some like to explain their association, particularly if it is a little off the wall. Others prefer to leave it up to interpretation. Either way is fine by me. Have fun!

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Click "read more" for writercizer sample response and a fishing dialogue between dad and son based on my next word answers.
writercizer sample response:

  • arrow - point
  • letter - T
  • bridge - gap
  • scales - fish
  • shadow - lurking

"Alright, son, what you wanna do is point the fishin' pole over towards where you want the line to drop. You got that?" 

"Yeah, sure, Dad. But I gotta question. The water ain't deep. We could just walk in with a net and grab them fish. Why we gotta sit here and wait?"

"Them fish don't like people lurkin' around in their water. They see our boots, we catch one or two, but they'll go on and adapt, swim a different route. Fish're smart like that. They swim in schools, you know? They catch on quick."

"You sure fish swim in schools, Dad? Whadda they learnin' Dad? What's a fish gotta know about? The letter T? Ain't a fish got enough to do swimmin' around?"

"I dunno son, that's just what my old man told me. Fish stick in schools. Fish and humans. Guess there ain't much of a gap between us and them scaly things. We all civilized, we all gotta learn something. You know what always got me though? They say monkeys are so smart and all, why the fish swim in schools and the monkeys just hang around in trees? That I don't get ..."

"Yeah, Dad. Me either. World sure is funny like that, huh?"


  1. Arrow head
    Post date
    Bridge game
    Fish scales
    Shadow boxing

  2. I enjoyed the story Alana, very engaging :)

  3. arrow-head


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