#WeekendWritercize 7 - Lucky Charms

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Welcome to the seventh edition of the #WeekendWritercize competition!
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writercize: Write a scene in which a character's lucky charm plays a major role.

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Thanks and may the luck o' the Irish be with you!


  1. Wow... I wrote an epic, lol (and got an opening for book three of my sci-fi series, woohoo!). I swore once, which probably keeps me firmly in PG-13 territory, but this thing is so long, I'm still going to stick with a link:


  2. I had to post mine to my blog too, since it was over 900 words.



  3. Jack jumped just in time to get out of the way of the oncoming car.

    “Whew! That was close!” he thought as he subconsciously rubbed his rabbit’s foot. “In this twilight, they never even saw me.”

    This wasn’t the first time he could credit that good-luck charm with getting him out of trouble. So what if attributing good fortune to a lagomorph’s appendage was considered superstitious? It had worked for him as long as he could remember and he wasn’t about to stop now.

    He did wonder why the practice ever got started, however. Why the foot of a rabbit, for example, and not a badger? For that matter, why did people use a foot? Why not an ear or a tooth? For the person who started the superstition, wouldn’t almost any body part of any animal have worked just as well once other people started to adopt the same idea?

    “Maybe a rabbit was just easier to get than a badger,” he thought. “After all, who would want to have to fight a badger just to get a bit of good luck when a rabbit would be a lot less difficult?”

    By now, he was hungry so, having crossed the road successfully, Jack hopped over into the garden for some lettuce and cabbage thinking, “My feet certainly help ME to survive.”

    223 Words

  4. This is an excerpt from a much longer story, but I think it meets your requirements.

    Shambling on, Mark turns the corner. He usually works the saps willing to throw a dollar to make you go away, and a dollar is what he needs. He sees a woman in a flowered skirt fiddling in the back of a VW Bus in the next block, her long, graying hair flowing out in the breeze. She looks like an old hippie mother he knew in California. This looks like a good score.

    “Problem, Ma’am?” He asks quietly.

    The woman turns. Serenity fills her face. “This old thing is being a pain this morning. I was heading towards the store and it decided to quit. One of these days, I am just going to have to retire her.”

    “Want me to give it a try?” Mark asked

    “Sure. I need to get out of the street before the Cops see it.”

    Leaning down in the engine bay, he sees the loose wire. and secures it with an old twist tie he has in his pocket. The van starts immediately. Squealing with delight, the calm woman rewards him with a kiss.

    “Thank you so much. I was at a loss what to do. I don’t have any money with me, but could I give you a ride?”

    “I don’t really have any place to go.“

    “How about my house?” She replied “I’ll fix you dinner and you don’t have to hustle today. By the way, my name is Kari.”

    He shakes the offered hand. “Mark.” This is working better than he thought it would.

    Clearing the accumulated papers off the front passenger seat, Mark spots an amethyst heart hanging from the rear mirror. Visions of brown skin and flowers filled his mind. It looked like Keisha’s heart. Mark shook a little at the memory. He places it against his palm. It warms to his touch.

    “Interesting amulet. Where did you get it?”

    “I found it in a pawn shop in New Orleans about a year ago.” Kari shifted gears. “ There was something magical about it, like it had a destiny and a past. I like stuff like that, so I bought it.”

    “I knew a girl who had one like it.” A hint of sadness filled Mark’s voice.

    They fell silent. Kari turned on to a side street and pulled up to her house.

  5. Hahahaha I'd love to, but I still don't know the significance of the lucky charm yet. :-)

    1. Tee hee. When you figure it out, come on back. :)

  6. Find out who won here: http://writercize.blogspot.com/2012/03/weekendwritercize-7-winner-jezri.html


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