#WeekendWritercize 6 - Roll of the Dice: Who? Where? When?

After a holiday repose, 
I would like to welcome you back for the sixth edition of the #WeekendWritercize competition!
Join in and spread the word to friends and family!

(oh, and PS - this is my 200th post - in one year, four days since the blog's inception. wahoo!)

writercize: Grab three dice. (Or one die, and prepare to roll three times.) Roll the three dice, and record the number of each roll - i.e. Roll 1 = 5, Roll 2 = 2, Roll 3 = 6.

Now, this #WeekendWritercize will give you three components of a story, based on your roll. Your job is to use those three components, and build around them to create a compelling story. The categories you will be given are: Who? Where? When? You have to figure out the rest of the story, the what, why, and how.

Roll 1 - Who? (you pick the gender)
1: 75-year-old muscle builder
2: 3 1/2-year-old beauty pageant contestant
3: 42-year-old community college student
4: 22-year-old single parent
5: 15-year-old professional singer
6: 65-year-old recent retiree

Roll 2 - Where?
1: in the bleachers
2: at a roller skating rink
3: in a mountain lodge
4: on a boat
5: at the mall
6: in Mother's kitchen

Roll 3 - When?
1: 2 a.m.
2: year 2065
3: year 1950
4: Sunday night
5: Monday morning
6: 5:30 p.m.

To enter the competition, leave your entry as a comment below. Be sure to include your Twitter handle and link to your blog or website. Tweet and Facebook fellow entries using the hashtag #WeekendWritercize.

Since this blog is used by teachers and students, I kindly request that you abstain from profanity and gratuitous violence. (In other words, keep it PG-13.) If your story can't be told without, just provide a link to your post on your own website along with a disclaimer.

Competition closes at 11:59 p.m. Sunday night (Pacific time) - no entries accepted after that. Winner announced Monday. Remember the time change this week - turn the clocks ahead one hour before you sleep Saturday night!

This week's winner and honorable mention(s) will receive a #WeekendWritercize Winner badge to proudly display on their website. 

The lucky winner will also receive a $5.00 gift card to AMAZON, as a way to celebrate the return of #WeekendWritercize!

Thanks and good luck!


  1. I rolled three dice and got the following results:

    5: 15-year-old professional singer

    5: at the mall

    6: 5:30 p.m.

    Here is my Who?, Where?, When? writercize:

    “She told me that she was going to find the nearest bathroom....that’s the last time I saw her,” the bodyguard told detectives while being escorted from the Food Court at the King of Prussia Mall. He knew that it all looked bad and the reality of unemployment hit him like a bag of rocks with every second that passed while being questioned by police. Store managers at the King of Prussia mall, however, were more concerned with enforcing an evacuation plan for the unruly and confused mob of 300 fans who are demanding answers and refunds for their ticket purchases. These fans were angry and rightfully so; Some of them came from miles away and have been waiting since 5:30p.m. to get their “Delia” CDs and posters autographed. If they only knew that Delia’s midnight album release party was not canceled because of what they assume is a spoiled 15 year-old professional singer running late. They’ll be lucky if she ever releases another album.


    Congratulations on your 200th blog post! That is a lot of writing in a year. Also, I hope you're surprise getaway was very fun and relaxing.

    Twitter: @MadlabPost
    Blog: The Madlab Post

    1. Thanks so much for the congrats! I can't believe it's been 200. I bet you are mighty close to that number yourself.

  2. Rats! Forgot the time difference was only one hour now, instead of two, since you are West of me. Well, here it is, anyway. I rolled 5,5,2 (using http://www.roll-dice-online.com/ since I don't have any dice), so my story is of a 15-year-old professional singer at the mall in the year 2065.


    What did she want to be today? It was her 15th birthday, after all, and this should be something special, but it was hard to choose. Her friends kept saying she should be a movie star, but that would take a lot more time and would cost a lot more money.

    "Why not a singer, then, Gina?"

    "Yeah! You could start with just one song. If you don't like it or it doesn't work out, you won't lose much."

    "Great idea," she replied.

    The Instafame store had first opened just five years ago, in 2060. Its selections were guaranteed to bring the purchaser at least 15 minutes of worldwide fame. There were, of course, the standard disclaimers that they could not guarantee an actual career or any income from the fame and that they would not be responsible for any "side effects" of the fame.

    Their "Professional Singer" package had several options with varying prices depending upon whether the customer wanted an original song, video, background music, vocal-tone correction or a group with whom to sing.

    Gina paid with her credit card, and recorded a song with a video as her friends all watched. After that, she had no idea how it was supposed to work.

    When she and her friends went back into the mall from the store, flashes of light popped up everywhere as paparazzi immediately surrounded her.

    "Gina, what brings you to this mall today?"

    "Do you have a boyfriend, yet?"

    "We haven't heard about a concert here. Are you planning a performance?"

    It was the kind of attention that a teenage girl both craves and detests at the same time. For now, she was enjoying it and her friends loved the benefits of being her "entourage."

    Just 50 years earlier, none of this would have been possible - at least, not in this form. Back then, some of the basic tools were just beginning to emerge and one teenager had managed to become one of the most well-known performers of all time.

    Indeed, it had been Justin Bieber who, as his singing career was starting to wane, had developed Instafame so that anyone could - for a price - experience what he had experienced back in the days of an old technology called "YouTube."

    Twitter: @LupusAnthropos
    Blog: http://fulmoj.wordpress.com

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