Color Me Purple - writercize #169

I would imagine that I could name any color and it would conjure up an image, a memory, an emotion in your mind. Colors are very powerful things. In movies they control our moods. In restaurants they control our appetites. In stores they control our buying impulses.

Perhaps control is too strong of a word. Let's switch that to influence. I certainly never like to admit something could have control over me.

Call it what you will, marketing gurus know that they can use color to sway your purchasing power, interior designers are confident that the right color choice will put you in the right mood. Quick in and out at fast food? Try yellow. Calm in a doctor's office? Paint light blue. 

Now, think of the color purple. Think of everything that purple evokes in you, and write about it. 

You can use this type of exercise in the future when placing your character in any environment. By recognizing the feelings that a particular color inspires, you can play with the colors that surround your characters at home and out in the world as you create the interiors and exteriors of their lives. This could be particularly powerful in memoir or novels written in first person.

writercize: Describe purple. 

You may use any method to describe purple, including poetry, a list, a character that is purple incarnate or a descriptive paragraph.

Please share your attempt as a comment, or link to your blog. I love to see what all you creative writercizers come up with!

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writercizer sample response:

Regal, rich and powerful
Purple lords over
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue
Having heard the best always come last


  1. The dark, inky pool spread over the ground. The light reflected outward was from the outside of the bow. Unique and powerful. The color of the midnight sky.

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