#WeekendWritercize 6 Winner! - LupusAnthropos

Thank you Lupus and Nicole for your fantastic entries in this week's #WeekendWritercize!  How strangely coincidental that you both ended up with 15-year-old professional singers at the mall!  It was a very close match-up - the modern-day mystery disappearance versus the ultimate reality star dream of fame.

As a reminder, this week's #WeekendWritercize asked participants to roll three dice to learn the who, where and when of their story. It was really fun to see what you did!

Without further ado ...

This week's winner is:
This is the SECOND win!

What can I say? This was a fun entry. It could be my recent dive into the Hunger Games trilogy, but I'm kind of digging the vast possibilities of unreasonable vanity that the future holds. The Instafame store. Awesome. I also really like that you took a risk and played around with what professional singer could mean to you.

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Honorable Mention:
Nicole (Madlab Post) / @MadlabPost

A missing kid singer at the mall, every security guard's worst nightmare, let alone mom and manager. I want to read more! I want to know what happened, whether this girl is hiding from fame, if she's been kidnapped, had an accident or worse - murder. You set up a fantastic opening to a story here, and I am very intrigued to know more!

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Once again, congratulations to ALL of the entries and thank you for participating!  I love reading what you write every week and look forward to seeing what you create next week!

All Entries:
Nicole (Madlab Post)

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