Next Word - writercize #10

Hello writercizers!  I'm coming off a busy writing day, and I'd love to do some simple word association to just relax the brain.

Growing up, I can remember teachers using a very simple icebreaker to fill time on the bus for field trips or indoor recess days.  In the game, teachers would say a word, and students would free associate the next word that came to mind.  It's an interesting study on how your mind makes connections and relationships between ideas.  

writing exercise: Look at the list of words below and type your instinctual response to each word. Feel free to simply state the next word or evaluate your response.

  • short
  • hollow
  • shady
  • ring
  • pool

(Click "read more" for writercizer sample response.)
writercizer response:

short: sighted
hollow: simple
shady: forest
ring: telephone
pool: money


  1. tall

    hmmm.... the first three are just words, the last two: my wedding ring is too small at the moment, we have an unfenced, uncovered current pool in our new backyard (we have to do something about that)

  2. short gnome
    hollow tree
    shady character
    ring wedding
    pool of tears

    ugh don't know if any of that makes sense. But thanks for the interesting prompt!

  3. Short - coming
    Hollow - log
    Shady - lady
    Ring - of fire
    Pool - of darkness

    Now, the trick is to use all these words in a one-page story! :0)

  4. I love seeing how these answers are all different! Thanks for posting your connections!

    Dawn - indeed; it's almost as though you've read my mind on a future writercize. ;)


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