Personal Mantra - writercize #12

Be it lack of sleep, caffeine, food, time, trashy tv ... my patience is on a very short fuse today.

The first inkling of a whine is sending me bonkers.  I can literally feel my eardrums shrink from the sound, my heart gallop right out of my chest, my throat tense to choke down a yelp.  The "om" just isn't there.

So, I am determined to find it.  The "om" that is.  My personal "om."  This much I know:

Step 1: Breathe.
Step 2: Repeat personal mantra.
Step 3: Feel the zen.

What is a mantra?  Mantra is a sanskrit noun meaning: a word or formula chanted or sung as an incantation or prayer (from www.dictionary.com).  It comes from the roots of "to think" and "tool" so it literally means an instrument of thought.  The goal of a mantra is to "create transformation."  Mantras are generally associated with Hindu and Buddhist practices, as well as the practice of yoga.  

For the purpose of today's writing exercise, forget about chanting or singing or prayer.  Just find the magic phrase that you can use when you are stressed out that will help you calm down.  You can say it out loud, under your breath or keep it in your head, but it will help you center and focus you mind and calm your body. 

What is my personal mantra?  Well, that may be my problem - I don't really have one!  I end up following step one above (breathe) with a very inefficient thought, "I am so frustrated right now."  Not helpful in the least.  I think it's high time to change and replace that thought.

writing exercise:  Create your personal mantra.  Think short, easy to remember, transformative.  Use as needed to make it through the day unscathed.

Have a great weekend writercizers!  See y'all Monday.  :)
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writercizer response:

This is only temporary. Deep breaths. 
This is only temporary. Deep breaths.
This is only temporary. Deep breaths.


  1. I came up with this one to replace, "I need to lose 30 pounds," because that one was just making me feel discouraged and defeated.

    "I will run a 5K."

    I stole this one from a friend, but think I will apply it in stressful situations (to give myself a break from thinking I should be perfect, instead of the stressed mess I can be). This was originally exercise related, as well, but it works for all of life:

    "I am a work in progress."

    I guess I don't have an original thought today!

  2. The Om Mantra also called AUM, is also known as the "Universal Mantra". It can be used by anyone and has many health benefits to mind, body and spirit, when used regularly.

  3. 5k - sounds like a good, attainable goal! work in progress is also helpful - and good to twist around and remember about children too. :)

    thanks for the link bert!

  4. I always flashback to the 80s - Calgon take me away! Is that lame? It takes the tension away by making me laugh to myself.

  5. My personal mantra is not a word or any orally produced sound, it is an action--sleep. When I get overly stressed I go to bed or even just pause in my seat for a few minutes with eyes closed and mind blanked. It seems to work for me.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  6. Brianna - whatever helps you get through the day can not possibly be lame! ;)

    Arlee - sleep sounds good. Probably what I should be doing just. about. now. Especially to get my fingers and brain well rested and ready for the A to Z CHALLENGE! I hope you're hibernating in preparation - I have no idea how you'll be able to moderate nearly 1000 blogs. You are a superstar.


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