Road Tripping - writercize #16

Tonight I'm stealing a writercize from an author I spoke with last night.  I am not one to just recycle an idea, so I'll add a little twist, but this is a good, simple game to get the words flowing.  It deals with license plates.

The author's name is Susan Peterson and she is the author of a fabulous resource book for Southern California residents outlining thousands of fun places to go with kids (and grown-ups too!).  In order to research for her book, she actually checked out every single place with her three boys, now grown.  That means a lot of miles on the road and a lot of hours in the car, and a lot of road trip entertainment.

One of their favorite games, equally enjoyable for adults, was to make phrases out of the three (or more) letters they saw on passing license plates.  (Example: When she asked the room to complete a phrase for CAU, one woman yelled out CAU = Calling All Unicorns.)  It helped her pass the time and keep her eyes on the road and got a few giggles along the way.

writing exercise:  Using your license plate letters, create five phrases.  Here's the twist - add an additional letter - your middle initial.  If you have a vanity plate, no scrimping on the letters.  Use them all!  It's harder than it seems.  ;)

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writercizer response:

License Plate Letters:  ECA  
Middle Initial: M

1 - Eat cauliflower all morning.
2 - Every cow audibly moos.
3 - Ears closed, achy mouth. 
4 - Eight cats ate mice.
5 - Extra calories are mouthwatering.


  1. What a great exercise. I see the uses of it as a party game too!

    A-Z Fellow Challenger
    Holly Ruggiero’sPOV

  2. Fun writercize as usual, Alana. By the way, drop by my blog sometime. You have an AWARD waiting for you

  3. Holly - it could be a fun party game!
    Nutschell - Thanks so very much!


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