Make Your Own Hybord - writercize #7

Modern language is teeming with words that I like to think of as hybords or worbrids, from word hybrids.  (To the best of my knowledge, neither hybord or worbrid is recognized by any dictionary or person other than myself, so don't worry if you're not familiar with the term.)

Some examples you're likely familiar with: frenemy (friend / enemy), skort (skirt / shorts), spork (spoon / fork), brunch (does that need an explanation?) ... you get the drift.

It almost seems the more green we become as a society, buying hybrid cars, the more we seek to combine words to create newer, sleeker, language-efficient words.

Gossip magazines have fueled the trend by turning celebrity couples into hybords: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are affectionately referred to as TomKat, Ben Affleck has been a member of two Bennifers, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie morphed into Brangelina.

Turns out, the term "hybrid word" does exist, but the examples listed above are not hybrid words.  According to Wikipedia's definition a hybrid word is defined as:  "is a word which etymologically has one part derived from one language and another part derived from a different language."  Since spork combines two English words, it is therefore not a hybrid word.

Rather, spork is a prime example of a very fancy term called "portmanteau."  It's a very long definition, so I'll let you read what Wikipedia has to say about it on their portmanteau page, but the jist of it is a blend of two or more words.  There is no limitation to the native language of each word.  

Technical terminology aside, let's proceed with today's writercize (my favorite portmanteau these days!).

writing exercise:  Create your own portmanteau from two or more words that you feel belong together.  Provide the new word, the original words, the definition and use it in a sample sentence.

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writercizer response:

mommunity - from mothering and community

mommunity:  the community of women that mothers belong to that provide one another with daily support, understanding glances, a renaissance of potty humor and unbeatable word-of-mouth knowledge on how to find the best sales, parks, cars, clothes, anything you could possibly need in this life or the next.  membership to the mommunity is automatic upon birthing or adopting a child.

Savvy business owners know it is important tap their local mommunities in order to boost clientele and gauge customer satisfaction.

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  1. I can't think of a hybord off the top of my head, and the bottom of my head is tired right now, but I just wanted to say I love our mommunity and will miss it when we move to Seal Beach!


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