Alliterative Animals - writercize #4

After a few intense writercizes, let's finish off the first week with some simple word play.  

For those unfamiliar with the term alliteration, here's how the trusted Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it: the repetition of usually initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables (as wild and woolly, threatening throngs) —called also head rhyme, initial rhyme

writing exercise: Pick five animals (real ones, extinct ok, but no Dr. Seuss creations) and match them with at least two accurate alliterative adjectives and verbs.  Feel free to use a thesaurus...

If you need a little help thinking of animals, here's a list of a few animals you may see at your local zoo or aquarium to get you started.
tiger    bear    lion    elephant    giraffe    seal    penguin    crab    lobster   dog    cat     mouse    rat    cockroach     gerbil    pig    horse     goat      peacock      parrot      seagull      starfish     snake     gazelle    llama    camel     pony     salmon     tuna      urchin     quail     flamingo    rabbit     frog     toad    turtle     dolphin     shark     lizard     buzzard      dinosaur    cheetah      jaguar    cow    buffalo    ox    crocodile    alligator    zebra    hyena    ibex    stork   bull   eagle

See y'all Monday!  (Click "read more" to see the writercizer sample response.)

writercizer response:

cool calculating collected cat
big brown bumbling bear
starving squawking seagull
bitty bouncy bunny
graceful galloping gazelle
hysterical hi-pitched hyena


  1. silly swimming seal
    huge happy hungry hippo
    scary stealthy shark
    gargantuan gental gorilla
    tough traveling tiger

  2. silly swimming seal
    tough traveling tiger
    huge hungy hippo
    gargantuan giggle gorilla
    manic monkey madness

  3. Thanks for posting Suzie! Put them both up because I just couldn't choose between the scary stealthy shark and the manic monkey madness. Fun, fun!


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