Caption This! - writercize #8

A picture may speak a thousand words, but the right caption complements a photo with considerably less verbiage.

Let's end this week with a little fun.  

writing exercise:  Write a caption for the photo below.

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writercizer response:

Billboards, buses and bare-naked cowboys - something tells me we're not in Kansas anymore!


  1. Alana,
    I love your new website. You're on your way to building up your author bio. Hope to see you at more of our meetups!

  2. Love the site... hmmm not sure about a caption......
    Probally why I put so many pictures up on my blog....

  3. In a New York Minute: Two women travelers are greeted by a naked-guitar-toting cowboy in the Big Apple--who would have thought.

    OK. It's not my greatest work, but I'm just warming up! :)

  4. Nutschell - thanks so much! Yes, will definitely see you soon.

    Christina - thank you. Excited about it. Check in often - there'll be something you'll feel confident about writing, I'm sure. I like your new logo! :)

    Olaina - captions are super tough - how do you find the right mix of words to match a photo? Warming up is what writercizing is all about, right? I do like what you came up with though!


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