Feeling Blue - writercize #2

Color has meaning.

A simple method to create the ambiance you seek for your characters, whether in film or on paper, is to mention the colors surrounding them.  Color can create a powerful visual connection to a scene (who doesn't remember the red coat in Schindler's List?) or allow the audience a peek inside the psyche of the character's brain (picture the varying levels of emotion and warmth during the memory sequence into DiCaprio's character's brain in Inception).  Colors may be used to analyze dreams.  Marketing and promotions professionals study the way in which color affects a person's productivity, hunger, emotional well-being, self esteem, happiness, likeliness to pull out the plastic and buy, buy, buy.

One goal of the writer is to create a world in your reader's mind that can be visualized and thereby visited vicariously through the personas in the book or article.

writing exercise: Please spend a moment to focus on the color BLUE.  For today's writercize, you may: 
  • evaluate your feelings towards and associations with the color blue, or 
  • use it as a background to a short character study.
Write 50-200 words. 

If you need a little extra inspiration, visit: Color Psychology: Blue

(Click "read more" to see the writercizer sample response.)

writercize response:

I listen to the drip, drip, drop of the rain falling on my bedroom skylight and know that today will not bring the clear blue sky that I crave so deeply.  Just gray.  Gray clouds, gray sky, even gray rain and puddles, the natural blue of the water drowned out by a heavy blanket in the sky, hovering just above the rooftops.  Closing my eyes, I allow my mind to float into summer with the bright blue skies above, filled with birds that coo and planes that roar, images that allow my mind to wander, travel, reach higher, sounds that bring me peace, bits of sunshine that coat my body with vitamin D and make me strong.  Sadly, this is not today's reality.  I must open my eyes and face my day of gray, feeling sad and ... blue.

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