Let's Get Writercizing!

Welcome to the WRITERCIZE blog, dedicated to writers at all ages and stages who need a little help putting the pen to the paper.  Whether you are a student, an amateur, a published author, a freelancer or a teacher, I sincerely hope you are able to find some inspiration here, and pass a little my way as well!

Here's the plan - I post an idea or writing exercise daily Monday through Thursday.  Exercises will be relatively quick, think (generally) in the range of 5-20 minutes of your time.  My intent is to plant ideas and work on the difficult but necessary practice of choosing words wisely (pruning, perhaps).  The main idea is - repetition breeds expertise.

I ask you to break out the jersey and writercize alongside me.  I would love to see your comments - share the outcome of the exercise, coach me with feedback on what would make it even better, or tell me about your experience.  Share the ideas with a friend or with your students and pass the site forward.

So, sharpen your pencil, dust off your keyboard and join me on this linguistic journey.

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