Express Thanks - writercize #11

Remember a time, if you will, when someone said, "Thanks so much for being you!"  I bet it felt fantastic, maybe even made your day.  Perhaps you smiled a little more on your way to work or complimented a stranger.  Maybe you felt more patient during a stressful situation, knowing someone cared.  It's possible that you paid it forward with another random act of gratitude.

Now, think of someone you know who really deserves a simple thank you.  It could be a parent or a spouse, a coworker, a sibling, a friend, the barista down at the coffee shop who knows your order by heart - anyone who you see put a little extra effort into each and every day.  Let them know you appreciate it.

writing exercise:  Send a letter, text or e-mail to someone you appreciate just to say "thanks for being great."

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writercizer response:

(To a friend, who I will refer to as SC in the blog)

Dear SC,

Just a note to tell you that I feel truly blessed to know you.  You are beyond busy between family, friends and starting up a successful business, but you have this gift to make each and every person feel like an integral and important part of your day.  You manage to make time for the little things that count.  People are drawn to your energy and your enthusiasm for life, and it's impossible not to smile when you are near!

I imagine it is exhausting finding the balance but you do so without a complaint.  

Thank you for being dependable, for being honest, for bringing joy to people of all ages and for being the yin to my yang when I need a helping hand!  You're truly awesome.


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