Thankful For Poetry - writercize #133

If you are in the United States, this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving.  It is my personal favorite holiday because I love to eat and I love to spend time with family, and that's what my Thanksgiving is all about!  This year I will not be eating with family as holiday travel didn't appeal to me as it usually does, but I am quite thankful to have a very dear friend from college and his wife living nearby who are wonderful hosts to all of us displaced souls around the holidays.  It should be a great celebration. 

Historically, of course, it is the celebration of a feast between the Natives who knew how to cultivate the land and the Pilgrims who were clueless and had so much to learn, and it was a moment of peace and understanding before the horrible outcome of manifest destiny came to be.  Naturally, knowing what happened after that harvest is heartbreaking, and puts a damper on the historic significance of the holiday, but I do my best to appreciate it for the feast and the family and time to pause and reflect on the things that really matter.

A few weeks ago I did a holiday prompt based on The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown, and if you're looking for another creative way to write about Thanksgiving, check that out after you try this writercize.  Keep an eye open for one more Thanksgiving inspired exercise coming up this week as well!

writercize:  Write a poem, any style, beginning with the words "thankful for."  

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writercizer sample response:

thankful for quiet moments
for inhales, exhales
for the tentative smile after a cascade of tears
thankful for holding hands
and touching hearts
for tickles and hugs
for exchanging a glance 
thankful for combustible laughter
for deep belly laughs
for crows feet and wrinkles
thankful for feeling
for passion and fear
for happiness, for anger 
for moments of joy
thankful for life
for love
and each day


  1. Thanksgiving has always been a favorite day for me as well--so many great memories and each year the great food reminds me of dinners past. As I usually do I'll be cooking (with some help from my wife and her sister) for about 25 in-laws. I'm hungry now thinking about the turkey dinner.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

    Blogging from A to Z

  2. I love the way you work in the GBE topics while staying true to your Writercize theme!

    I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Alana!

  3. mine ends with it...
    happy stuff yourself day =)

    Sailing through the life
    Hoping choices bring blessings
    Thankful for each on

  4. Sailing through the life
    Hoping choices bring blessings
    Thankful for each onE

  5. Wow Lee - 25 in-laws - sounds like quite the feast! Enjoy your time with family, and have fun cooking!!

    Beth, thanks so much! I really do try to stay true to the "brand" but I love the camaraderie and inspiration of GBE and other challenges such as the A to Z hosted by Lee above.

    Tara - lovely sentiment. Happy turkey day to you!

  6. I love those happy, chaotic meals with extended family. :)

  7. Excellent post which really conveyed the mood :o)

  8. GPD - I know, aren't they lovely?!

    MW - Thanks much!


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