Vanity Plates - writercize #130

It's Tuesday night, which quite often calls for ... a little fun and easy word play. 

Tonight I'm thinking about vanity plates.  You know: those clever license plates that are much more inventive than the random mix of numbers and letters assigned by your state's Department of Motor Vehicles.  A standard plate may read BZT 792.  A vanity plate could read DR LOVE for a fertility doctor or SCRMOM for a suburban soccer mom.

Growing up in Oregon, very few people liked to draw attention to themselves with vanity plates, so I always chuckled at those cars, finding them frivolous and a bit silly.  Bumper stickers were much more in vogue to make a statement.  In Oregon, the older the car, the more it spoke.  Thirty year old VW bugs were definitely the thing to have, especially if the license plate was at least fifteen years old with no frills.  Yellow background, blue letters and number.

Fast forward a few years past college, I found myself living in Virginia, where it seemed everyone and their dog had a vanity plate.  In fact, per wikipedia, Virgina has the highest concentration of vanity plates at a whopping 16.19%.  That's nearly one in five plates.  Lots of people who want to make a statement.  I still wasn't willing to make the jump into the land of vanity plates, but I can tell you it made waiting at lights much more interesting, imagining the secret lives of all those around me, based on their choice of vanity plate.

Tonight, you will have the chance to create five vanity plates of your very own.  You are limited to a max of 7 characters per plate.

writercize:  Create a vanity plate (max 7 characters, numbers, letters and symbols ok) for each of the following professions:
  • postman
  • teacher
  • wrestler
  • actor
  • construction worker

Leave your result as a comment, or link to your website if you post on your site.  I'd love to see what you come up with!

Click "read more" for writercizer sample response.
writercizer sample response:

postman: GOT MAIL
teacher: ABC 123
wrestler: RASSLE U
actor: TRU FAKE
construction worker: FRAMED


  1. ohio is prob a close 2nd!
    fun prompt!

    I ON U
    PIN ME
    2B OR NO

    hows that =)

  2. Tara - I was so thinking of you while I was writing this! I figured it would be right up your alley! They are all fab. I have to say I especially love the mail man and the construction worker.

  3. postman: STAMP UM
    teacher: EDUMAC8
    wrestler: SLAMMER
    actor: HLYWD ⋆ (that's supposed to be a star)
    construction worker: EAGLE I

  4. You ladies are both so creative! This was a major challenge for me, but you guys nailed it!! I am utterly impressed.


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