Virtual Post-It - writercize #136

My mind is extraordinarily picky. 

It holds on for dear life to the most random, irrelevant facts, yet acts like a sieve when it comes to other things that actually matter in my day-to-day life, like where I should be driving my car at any given moment, or my husband's vacation time, or where I put my keys.

I am terrible about slowing down to live in the moment, as my mind races along to write imaginary texts or plan imaginary events or have imaginary discussions.  Daydreaming really can be detrimental to accomplishing things in the real world. 

So, sometimes I need reminders about what I need to do, like virtual little post-its programmed to pop up in my mind's eye when I start racing too far away from the present moment.  It's like those people who post reminders to themselves on mirrors, like "be strong," "remember to smile," "you are the master of your fate."  You've seen them in movies.

I imagine there is something that you need to remind yourself of regularly too, so here's your chance.  Need to eat better?  Conserve water?  Turn off the lights?  Read more?  Clean?  Take time to breathe?  Look at the glass half full?  Engage in conversation with someone?  Whatever is holding you back, take a minute to reflect on it and barrel through it.

writercize:  Write a sentence, a personal reminder just for you, that would easily fit on a Post-It note.

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writercizer sample response:

Be present.


  1. Focus on something positive in every day of your life and be patient.

    The Madlab Post

  2. Imaginary discussions? Oh you had me laughing too much there.

    Note to self: "Listen with all your senses, compassionately, and mindfully. Focus."

  3. Go to bed!!! <--- Useful now, when I should be asleep, but am terribly busy reading my friends' blogs, tee hee!

  4. All so very good. Sounds like focus ... and sleep! ... are what we all need more of. :)

    And Alma - yes, imaginary discussions - all the time. Never when you're around though! Then I can focus away and be present the whole time. ;)


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