Guest Writercize - Gene Pool Diva

Today's guest post brought to you by none other than Kelly, the Gene Pool Diva, regular GBE2 participant and recorder of all sorts of funny family conversations.  Her posts are known to inspire true fits of laughing out loud, as you'll soon find out by reading below!  If you want a daily dose of humor and dialogue, I highly recommend that you check her out!

And now, without further ado, Gene Pool Diva.  Take it away Kelly!

After three weeks on the road, I stepped over my threshold and into the escalating odor of fish. I still haven't identified the source. Well, of course Rob's the culprit, but where do I pinpoint the problem? Tiny, suspicious dots form a trail from the kitchen, through the dining room and out to the lanai. Stains bloom on the counter. My sneakers stick to tiled floors. Did he drag the trash can liner from room to room, again? Did … oh crap, Alana's waiting.

I promised Alana a writing exercise. I don't know anything about writing exercises. According to Beamer, my internal dialogue is proof of mental illness. Great, but how do I turn that into an assignment? Dunno. I just know the clock is inching toward noon. Then I stumble on Haiku.

I remember Haiku. Weren't they nature inspired?

Then it occurs to me that Rob and culture are on a collision course.
Rob and nature are on a collision course.
Rob and I are about to collide

writercize:  So, I suggest a round of partner-inspired haiku. Haiku that even hubby, brained by a cast iron skillet, can understand.

Here's my attempt.

Whole house smells of fish
I contemplate Rob's demise
Who will walk the dog

No, don't talk to me
I still remember shark guts
frozen bits of beer

I raise the rafters
Boy escapes to mow the lawn
Sweet dog cuddles close

Alana's eyes roll
Uh oh, wheres the back up plan
Beth, about Friday

Ahem, you're next.
((Side notes:  There are still two guest spots available this year to interested parties.  Scroll along the left hand side of my blog for more information.
For a quick reminder on the rules of haiku, see this post.))


  1. Hahaha! Who will walk the dog--so funny!!

    I live with three boys and a male dog. They are all disgusting.

  2. Again, you made me laugh out loud. Men are just nasty by nature, with nurturing we can sometimes tame them into something we can sort of live with! he he he

  3. Great job, as always Kelly! I'm going to leave the haiku to u. :D

  4. Easy task for me!
    I feel that I should reveal...
    I'm the Haiku Queen.

    My whole blog is Haikus, LOL.
    I'll enjoy watching what everyone else comes up with. Haikus are great fun! :)

  5. My wife sleeps badly.
    She wakes often with a jerk.
    Yes, every day.

  6. Kelly raised the bar.
    I mean, she lowered the bar.
    I can do this much!

  7. My wife is a doll!
    No need to use the skillet,
    To knock this guy out!

  8. "I love your eyebrows!"
    I told Kik, and yes I do.
    But she's keeping both!

  9. Haiku's are real fun!
    I could do this all day long!
    Or not; five's enough.

  10. Where is the off switch?
    Somebody pull the darn plug!
    Thanks. I needed that.

  11. Kelly, you've taken the Haiku to a whole new level! LOVE what you did with this!! :O)

  12. Asleep on the couch
    Can't get his butt up the stairs
    My husband snores on

  13. Thanks for a very fun guest post Kelly. I loved it!

    My entry just above.

    @ Jo - nice tie in to GBE. ;)
    @ Susan - I love, love, love your blog. Thanks for stopping by to post. I've been a follower of yours since A to Z.
    @ Mike - I can see you really enjoyed this one! I am honestly sitting in anticipation, waiting for the encore. ;)


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