The Popular Pollster - writercize #127

Who doesn't love a completely meaningless popularity statistic from a poll that has no bearing whatsoever on real life every now and then?  

You know what I mean - they're the polls magazines like US Weekly run, like: 
  • Who's hottest without a shirt? Leo, Brad or George?
  • Which celebrity mom snapped back into the best shape two weeks after giving birth? Heidi Klum or Angelina Jolie?
  • Which celebrity baby name trend is the coolest?  Naming children after fruits, Greek gods or emotions?
  • Which couple has the best chances of surviving the relationship based on popular nickname?  TomKat, Brangelina or Bennifer?

(Hmm, apparently Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can be worked into any popularity poll - congrats to them on being the winning popular pollster couple, appearing in three of the four fake poll questions above.  Another fun, meaningless statistic to reflect on.)

Today, you get to make your own.

writercize:  Create a fake celebrity poll to measure popularity.  Choose any topic, and give three to four options for the reader to choose between.

Bonus points (towards absolutely no tangible prize, but the pride of knowing you've contributed to research - wink, wink) for answering everyone else's polls.  Extra bonus points if you choose to give a witty reason for your answer.

Click "read more" for writercizer sample response about celebs participating in reality TV.

This writercize created based on the prompt "popularity" over at GBE2, hosted by the blog world's most popular hostess with the mostest, Ms. Elizabeth Grace.
writercizer sample response:

Who would be your top choice for a contestant on the next season of Dancing With The Stars?

  1. Christina Aguilera
  2. Snoop Dogg
  3. Tina Fey
  4. Magic Johnson


  1. Who would you most want to see compete for the title of Sole Survivor on Survivor: Celebrity Island?

    1) Selena Gomez
    2) Betty White
    3) Sharon Osborne
    4) Ashton Kutcher

    Oh, and for yours--I'd love to see Tina Fey on DWTS!

  2. Oh man, that's a good one Beth.

    I'm torn between Betty White and Ashton Kutcher. At first my mind was screaming Betty White, hands down, but ... for those hot islands and half dressed bodies I'm drawn to the also hilarious Ashton.

    I think I will still go with my gut and vote for Betty White.

  3. @ Word Nerd - Betty White - After all she's already the sole survivor of The Golden Girls - might as well go for broke!

    @ Alana - Snoop Dogg -Snoop ballroom dancing? I've got to see that.

    Which celebrity would you most want to see guest star on Yo Gabba Gabba?

    1. Howard Stern
    2. Jack Nicholson
    3. Al Pacino

  4. Brianna - Snoop would be worth watching, right?!

    Ok, so for Yo Gabba Gabba - I've gotta go with Jack Nicholson. I am laughing just thinking about it. Can you imagine his eyebrows facing off against DJ Lance Rock? Too much fun ...


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