Thanksgiving Thank You (new holiday tradition) - writercize #134

I've rarely met a person who doesn't appreciate being thanked.  Scratch that, I don't think I've ever met a person who doesn't like to be thanked sometime.  Particularly if the thank you is heartfelt, sincere and specific.

This Thanksgiving, as you go around the table and take turns giving thanks for your blessings or join hands in prayer, why not add a new holiday tradition?  In addition to giving thanks for material goods or life events, give thanks to another person seated at the table.

There are several ways you could do this: 
  • If there is an elderly matriarch or patriarch, everyone could thank that one person for something special.  
  • Each person could thank whomever they want when it's their turn to talk.  
  • You could throw each dinner guest's name in a hat and draw names.  
  • Each guest could thank every other guest for one small thing.  
(The method you choose may be directly correlated to how hungry you are!  Just be sure to additionally thank the host and hostess at some point in the day!)

To prepare and get you in the mood, today's writercize focuses on thanking someone.

writercize:  Write a short thank you to put in a card or a speech to let a friend or family member know you appreciate them.  Be specific.  Go beyond "thanks for being you" and "thanks for xyz gift" to tell them about a specific aspect of their character or personality that you love.

Be sure to share your thanks and thoughts as a comment here, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to Americans and all those residing in the USA.  Safe travels if you are heading out of town!

Click "read more" for writercizer sample response to my daughters.
writercizer sample response:

Thank you O for your penetrating eyes that understand everything.  Thank you for being warm and calm and for your joy of learning that is so inspirational to watch.  Thank you for being strong and reminding the world to be true to what is just.

Thank you S for wearing your heart on your sleeve and showing the world what it means to be passionate.  Thank you for speaking up for those you love.  Thank you for the competitor in you, that is driven to succeed and improve every day.  Thank you for always striving for balance and equality.


  1. I like the idea!

    Thank you little brother for making me laugh so much even though we are two decades apart. You have no idea how much you bring to each of our lives. May God bless you with health, wisdom, and perseverance.

  2. OMG, this is so weird. It can't be the writercize for Thanksgiving...not after I wrote you this long message that has nothing to do with the holiday or this writercize post. wow. After reading this, the person that I want to thank is out of town right now...and I did say "Thank you" to my mother already, so does that count? Or do I really have to write something to her? (sheesh, I'll never hear the end of it, since she even keeps the friggin' gift wrap on the presents that I give her throughout the years)

    Just curious.

    The Madlab Post


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