What's In a Weekday? - writercize #132

What does today mean to you?  How does your baseline mood differ based on the day of the week the calendar falls on?  

As creatures heavily attached to measuring time, I think we subconsciously determine a great deal of our outlook on life each morning depending on which day of the week it is.  We remember what we have accomplished and what we have yet to accomplish within the confines of a week.  On weekdays, we realize how much longer before we make it to the weekend, and on weekends, we think about how many hours we can savor before returning to the workforce, or school, or an empty house, or a full house without another adult on board!

Think about cultural references pertaining to days of the week.

Monday =  I have no idea of the technical term at the moment, but suffice it to say Mondays are not popular days.  Facebook gets swamped with "Monday again?" status updates and the like.

Wednesday = Hump Day (over the hill, half way to the weekend) - random sales note - Wednesdays have been identified as the single most productive day for businesses, and an effective day to make a sale - people have caught up from the weekend and want to wrap things up before the next weekend.  Also a very busy day for meetings.

Friday = TGIF (Thank G(od)(oodness) It's Friday!) - time for the weekend, even from the start of the day.  Just think of how many companies have casual Fridays or coffee and donuts for employees Friday mornings. 

Now, think about all seven days of your week, and assess how each one affects your mood.  Do you think the weekday might affect your character's mood in a novel too?

writercize:  Assign an adjective, mood or nickname to each day of the week.

Click "read more" for writercizer sample response.  I'd love to see your take on this as well - please leave your response as a comment, or paste a link to your URL if you reference it on your blog!  Feel free to elaborate on why you selected the adjective, mood or nickname that you did.
writercizer sample response:
Sunday - hopeful
Monday - invigorating
Tuesday - efficient
Wednesday - realistic
Thursday - worn out
Friday - relaxing
Saturday - familial


  1. Sun- sleepy
    Mon- grumpy
    Tues- doc ish
    Wed- sneezy
    Thurs- bashful
    Fri- happy
    Sat- dopey

    i'm in disney, what do you think?

  2. Sunday = Nostalgic
    Monday = Powerful
    Tuesday = Odd
    Wednesday = Fun
    Thursday = Invisible
    Friday = Exciting
    Saturday = Love

  3. Alma - all very interesting insights.
    re. Saturday: ooo la la!
    re. Thursday: awww. :(

  4. ^^^ LOVED Tara's choices! ^^^

    Monday: jump start

    Tuesday: full throttle

    Wednesday: checking the list

    Thursday: winding down

    Friday: loose ends

    Saturday: tons of fun

    Sunday: relaxation


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