Prompt: Ex.haust.ed - writercize #51

Two and a half lazy weeks of vacation in Southern Italy, engorging on endless plates of pasta and cheese and lounging in the Mediterranean sunlight, completely detached from all aspects of world wide web technology, followed by 26 hours of travel with twin preschoolers to return home to Los Angeles, I am an odd mix of blissful repose and sheer physical exhaustion.  

As my brain slowly reboots back to the real world and tackles thinking and writing once again, while I recover from jet lag and attempt not to overdose on the internet, I can't help but feel as though I am chasing my brain in circles, trying to catch half-thoughts that don't quite make their way to comprehensive ideas.  

writing exercise:  Using the writing prompt "exhaustion," create a short story, journal entry, character study or poem.  Write free flow for about 5-15 minutes, and edit yourself as little as possible.  Your writing does not have to include the word exhaustion; you may choose to include it in the story or simply use it as inspiration.

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writercizer response:

"One. more. step.  I can make it.  Really, truly, I can. get. to. the. couch," her brain instructs her lethargic limbs.

Ba dum, bum, thud.  Elaine drops to the floor like a sack of potatoes, an inch shy of her intended destination, the overstuffed orange couch.  Darn allergy meds and their soporific force.  That's gonna hurt tomorrow.

(given my state of mind, this short and sweet passage will have to do for now.  will revisit down the road when not exhausted myself!)


  1. The line about not overdosing on the internet made me laugh! Impressive that you could post this after having jet lag!

  2. I know EXACTLy how you feel. Part of my mind is still wandering around in jolly old England. I'm trying to take it a day at a time and getting back into the swing of things. :) Glad you had a fabulous time in Italy!

  3. I echo Kelly's comments. I was on a trip last year and thought I would go into shock without access but by day two, I wasn't all that bothered with checking into my virtual life. I continued to write everyday and was more productive (go figure) It was a defining moment. Now I limit my online connectivity. And bravo traveling all that way with little monkeys.


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