A Mouse in the House and Animals that Rhyme - writercize #55

Sadly, we have a mouse in the house.  It is an uninvited guest with a chocolate-snatching habit and sly as a fox intelligence.  

Our preference is that it vacate the premises immediately without incident.  Since this does not seem to be the mouse's preference, the more likely scenario will involve the mouse's end.  We tried to catch it with cheese on a glue trap, but it stood on the trap, ate the cheese, and somehow used super-rodent strength to break free.  The next day we saw four paw prints sunk into the glue, but no food and no mouse.  We tried to lure it into a box of poisonous mouse food, with the idea that it would consume the food and return to its nest outside to pass away.  Apparently, salty mouse poison is not appealing to a mouse with a sweet tooth.  

Today we discovered the mouse had somehow climbed up a tall table, into a bowl and snatched Kit Kat bars out of the box, back to the ground, behind the couch, opened the wrappers and eaten them.  The mouse has serious dexterity and bravado.  If it were not a mouse, I would want to catch it alive and encourage it to join the circus.  But it's a mouse and it's spending nights in my house, and as much as I hate to kill any creature (besides mosquitoes and spiders that is) I want it gone.  Yesterday.  So, tonight we shall devise a new plan and hope for no more nocturnal visitors in the very near future.

While I was contemplating the best way to semi-humanely dispose of this mouse in the house, the kids' writer part of me started to have fun with the way a mouse in the house rhymes, so out of a frustrating situation in our living room, tonight's writercize was born.

writing exercise:  Write a poem or short-story about an animal or animals in rhyme.  If you need help brainstorming animals, here are a few that are easy to find rhyming words:  cat, frog, dog, horse, cow, mouse, rat, bug, pig, fish.  Some animal ideas if you're looking for more of a challenge:  monkey, donkey, zebra, hippo, camel, spider.

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writercizer sample response:

There's a mouse in the house
and he's eating my food
says the cat on the mat
in a sourpuss mood.

There's a cat on the mat
and he's blocking our way
says the ants carrying plants
trying to all their work for the day.

There are ants carrying plants
and I don't like their parade
says the funky spider monkey
in a grouchy tirade.

There's a funky spider monkey
who stole my bananas
says the girl as she swirls
dressed up with bandanas.

There's a girl who swirls
but needs to go to bed
say Mama and Daddy
to their little sleepyhead.


  1. Hi there! I'm going at snails pace to catch up with all the blogs in A-Z challenge :)

    Great to meet you! Following you now..

  2. I'm right there with you on the snail's pace! Thanks for checking out my blog - hope you enjoy it and are able to try out some of the exercises. :)

  3. I understand your experience regarding this nuisance. I am currently having the same problem and want to get a cat because the traps and rodent food is not working. This situation makes me want to just leave my apartment and never come back....but unfortunately, I have a problem with the thought of living in the streets, where there are like quadruple the number of mice roaming around. Eh, *sigh*, I guess I'll be here until I can afford to move to a new place. It seems like these pests are difficult to escape and avoid when living in the city.

    I never wanted a cat because they are not my favorite pets but now their good looks and the natural predator thing has placed them on my wish list, lol.

    The Madlab Post

  4. Good thing Alana, that you said this is "just for fun". Otherwise I would get all embroiled in negotiations when it came time to sell this great piece of literature, and then I'd have to deal with all those millions etc etc. So I offer this cheap animal poem.....for free!

    Babies complain in every venue;
    Of what's in their diapers or what's on their menu.

    Animals too can whine and complain,
    Of sleeping outdoors and about every pain.
    Of searching for food and pouncing in vain.
    Or day after day about eating just grain!

    But a young Mother's glare,
    (Always given through care)
    Will give each kid a scare
    And make more whining rare.

    For boy or girl or hippopotamus,
    A Mom's quick look will nip a lot of fuss!

  5. Hi Ju! Will check you out too!

    Nicole - we finally got it. You know what worked? We saw that it kept tracking down chocolate so I laced the mouse poison with little bits of chocolate. I felt decidedly evil doing so, but ... it worked. Took five days but we haven't heard from it in almost a week now.

    Mike - lol. Yes, have to deal with millions ... what a pain. ;) Glad to give you the opportunity to share your talent for free instead. All joking aside, very much enjoyed the poem. Thanks for sharing!!


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