Next Word 3 - writercize #47

Always a favorite, I believe for the exercise's simplicity and fun insight into how many meanings we can take from words, next word is back on the writercize agenda for today.

Growing up, I can remember teachers using a very simple icebreaker to fill time on the bus for field trips or indoor recess days.  In the game, teachers would say a word, and students would free associate the next word that came to mind.  It's an interesting study on how your mind makes connections and relationships between ideas.  

writing exercise: Look at the list of words below and type your instinctual response to each word. Feel free to simply state the next word or evaluate your response.  I love seeing the wide variety of responses!
  • chicken
  • door
  • gray
  • pattern
  • string

(Click "read more" for writercizer sample response.)
writercizer response:

chicken - egg
door - window
gray - matter
pattern - zig zag
string - along

1 comment:

  1. chicken, pluck
    door, open
    gray, sky
    pattern, paisley
    string, cheese



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