Five Words 2 - writercize #48

As a young girl on long flights and road trips, my mom knew just the thing to keep me quiet and engaged for an hour at a time.  She would buy me a notebook and a pencil and write down five words that I had to use in a story.  When I was young, the words would be simple like dog and ball, but as I grew older, the words would be more complicated or in some way related to the trip to serve as a travelogue.

At the time, it was a great writing tool for me.  I loved to write, but could never for the life of me figure out what to put down on the paper.  My mind would race so quickly that I was left with a blank stare at an empty page and get frustrated.

It's still a good tool, but not as necessary anymore.  The thing that fascinates me now about the exercise is that with the same five words, no two people will write the same story, and I love that!  So please, show me how your mind works.  Write a sentence, a poem, a paragraph or a story, but write. 

writing exercise:  Use the following five words in a sentence, poem, paragraph or short story. 
  • bother
  • pet
  • plate
  • steep
  • wave
Don't worry about structure - just freewrite for a few minutes.  You may use the definition of your choice for words with multiple meanings.

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writercizer response:

I really can't bother right now to pet the stupid barking dog.  Love it?  Yes, absolutely.  Cute?  Adorable.  But so do not have the freaking time right now.  Ok, cookies on the plate.  Tea is steeping.  House looks halfway presentable.  Quick mirror check - I don't think I look too terribly frazzled.  

Ding dong.  I look out the window with a brilliant smile and wave at my friend, first arrived for this bridal shower I so insanely signed up to host.  Time to throw out the crazy and reign in the hostess.  Open the door.  Show time!


  1. That is a great idea! We'll be taking our kids to Florida in a few weeks and my son loves to write in his notebook. I hadn't thought of prompting him.

  2. Thanks Shannon! Let me know how it goes. :) And ... have a great trip!


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