Haiku On My Mind - writercize #59

A few days ago I came across a sweet little blog called Haiku Corner.  The author can turn anything at all into a slice of haiku heaven (cats, gas prices, jello anyone?), so it's got my brain trying to convert everyday thoughts into haiku. 

Haiku, for anyone unfamiliar with the term, refers to a poem comprised of three lines.  The first has five syllables, the second has seven syllables, and the third is back to five syllables.  In its truest form, this Japanese poetry abides by several more rules, the most important of which juxtaposes two ideas.  For a beginner such as myself, the syllables are enough of a challenge, and the 5/7/5 rule generally satisfies the English notion of Haiku.

writing exercise:  Compose a haiku poem inspired by your current state of mind.  You may find it helpful to draw on nature or physical comparisons to illustrate your point.

Click "read more" to see writercizer sample response on sorting out my house and mind.
writercizer response:

by Alana Garrigues

Paper piles, to-do lists
Reflect clutter in my mind
Good Lord, time to clean.


  1. you stole my idea! I love it! Here's mine:

    Impending summer
    Camps, baseball, vacation, pool
    Where's my time to write?

  2. Haha - thanks Tara! I have a feeling piles and messes are an all-too-common problem. ;)

    Wishing you a fun and busy summer, and plenty of time to sneak in a little writing!!


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