Mama's Day Greeting Card - writercize #46

This Sunday is Mother's Day in the United States and much of the rest of the world and while some of you may be parents and others are single, I guarantee every one of you had a Mother and can relate in some way to the holiday.  

Mother's Day has historically been the number one day for Sunday telephone calls in the United States (see Calling Mom on Mother's Day).  Per Hallmark, it is also the third busiest holiday for greeting cards, with an annual 139 million cards.  It falls after Christmas and Valentine's Day and has a 40 million card lead over the fourth placed Father's Day.

Writing a greeting card can be a nice personal touch for Mom if you're the DIY type.  Selling a greeting card phrase can also be a (albeit small) way to line a freelancer's pocketbook.  So, think of a Mom - your mom, the card you yourself would like to receive, your wife as mom, an imaginary mom, whoever your inspiration may be - and write away.

writing exercise:  Write a Mother's Day greeting card.  No limitations - you may go poetic, sappy, humorous ... write from the kids, to grandma, to a mom-to-be, from new dad, to a motherly figure in your life, to a mom friend ... whoever you'd like to acknowledge as one great Mom!

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writercizer response:

(from husband to wife - new parents)

Hey Hot Mama,

Through the sleepless nights,
under the spit-up, the milk stains, the snarled hair ...
Between the coos and feedings and baby talk,
There's no denying -
You've still got it, babe!

Loving you ever more, you sexy Mama you,

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  1. This was a perfect writing exercise! I needed inspiration for something to write quickly so that I could get a blog post published minutes before Friday arrives and I came here for some help.

    I had to wing it but came up with a Mother's Day Card that is supposed to be funny. I may tweak it tomorrow depending on how I'm feeling about it but I just may do this for future holidays or blog posts for a separate crafting blog that I started earlier this year but have been neglecting for a long time, in favor of my movie blog.

    The Madlab Post


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