Blogs with Heart - writercize #57

Blogs With Heart.  Sounds like a modern Native American moniker.  Dances with Wolves.  Sitting Bull.  Little Wolf.  Blogs with Heart.

Today, "Blogs With Heart" is the name and award I am bestowing on a friend, Christina.  She is a fashionista, handbag designer, blogger, entrepreneur, mom, traveler and all around pretty amazing individual.  This week, inspired by her travels to Egypt and her commitment to raising awareness for women and children, she launched a fundraising campaign in partnership with the Young Mother's Shelter of Hope Village Society in Egypt.  She is modeling 140 outfits daily during the second half of her pregnancy over at her blog, Christina Elaine, to raise awareness and link to the campaign website. Her goal is to raise $2,000 in 105 days for this great cause.  The first post on the project includes an overview of the project and photos of Christina in a cute combo of jeans, floral blouse, sweater and belt, and the second post is of a long flowing dress in a field of flowers.  She's a beautiful model and stylist!

I wanted to recognize her for using her blog to make a charitable difference in the lives of others, real people who need help out in the "real world" (read: offline).  I searched around the web for a blog award that fit the purpose but couldn't find one, so I decided to create one.  I am by no means a designer and have no clue what I am doing with computer artwork, so it's pretty rudimentary, but I think it serves its purpose.  

writing exercise:  You have two options for today's writing exercise!

1 - Bestow the "Blogs with Heart" award on another blogger (or two or more) who have used their blogs to make a difference in the world and WRITE about why they deserve it!  This could be by raising awareness for a particular issue, fundraising, organizing and soliciting volunteers for a project or event - interpret the award as you wish.  To pass it on, feel free to grab the image out of this message, but please also include comment with a link to the recipient's page and description of the reason for passing on the award so that we can all learn about their blog!

2 - If you aren't a regular blogger, make your own award on paper for a friend or family member to recognize them for something they do that you think is pretty special! 


  1. Thank you so much what a lovely.......post... I am beyond flattered. I will spread the word about blogs with a heart.


  2. What a great idea, and Christina is doing a great job too.

  3. This is wonderful! I have someone in mind and will try to blog about her soon!

  4. I have a couple folks in mind too. :-) Love it!

  5. Hi Alana,

    First, I am LOVING your blog!!! Very very cool. And I love the award. I have two bloggers in mind that are very dear to me. I'll stop back and post a link as soon as I get something suitable written.

  6. You so deserve it Christina!
    Thx Tony!
    Marian, Ex and Merry - can not wait to see who you will select! :)


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