Word Shower - writercize #155

This writing prompt will literally make you want to sing out, "It's raining words!"

Well, maybe not quite, but it should shake a little brainstorm loose at the very least. I was inspired to post this exercise after a very rainy day in LA yesterday. It may not rain often here, but when it rains the skies open up and the water pours out of the sky. So, feeling the effects of the weather, I want you to take a word snd throw out a laundry list of word associations to go along with it. These could be adjectives, adverbs, associated memories, related nouns, whatever you see fit.

writercize: Pick one of the atmospheric words below, and write a list of 10-20 words or short phrases that you associate with the given word. When your list is complete, use a few of the to write a poem, short story or descriptive sentence.
  • cloud
  • rainbow
  • flood
  • sprinkle
  • sunny
The word associations do not need to be weather related, and references to homophones okay. I'd love to see what you came up with!

Share your result as a comment below, or if you post it to your blog please share the link!

Click "read more" for writercizer sample response - 20 words and a brief paragraph based on the prompt "flood."
writercizer sample response:

Flood: memory, sink, drift, rush, deep, mud, rooftops, hurricane, dam, deluge, float, drown, rapid, return, fear, destruction, renewal, plains, long-lasting, row

Sentence: Ten days after the deluge, memories begin to resurface along the muddy terra as postcards, photos and letters worm their way back to the light. Fragments of life washed away with the water that stole everything from cars to clothing from the citizens of Butterfield Plains.

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