26 Words - writercize #152

In honor of my guest post over at the April 2012 A to Z Challenge website today, which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest community experiences to hit the blogging world, I have the alphabet on my mind.

A few months ago, I invited readers to create a list of words A through Z within the theme of emotions, weather or colors, which was good for word play and expanding vocabulary, but tonight I have a slightly different challenge for you using the 26 letters of the alphabet, one in which you will use the letters to create a story that makes sense.

writercize: Write a 26 word glimpse of a story or poem in which each word begins with a different letter if the alphabet, in alphabetical order, from A through Z. 

Feel free to use the dictionary, thesaurus, foreign languages and an occasional Seussical invented word to assist you.

Leave your attempt as a comment, or link to your blog so I can see it!

Click "read more" for writercizer sample response about crocodiles and fairies.

writercizer sample response:

"Actually, Beth, crocodiles don't eat fairies," Gemma hissed.

"I just know last month no one photographed Queen Rosa. She tumbled underwater. When Xavier yawned, zilch."


  1. Wow. This was harder than I expected. Here goes my attempt:

    Aromas beckoned Craig, delicately emanating from Grandma's highly intoxicating jar.

    "Killer!" lamented Mom numbly.

    "Oh, pickles?" quizzical regards.

    Silence. Till unmasked- vermouth!

    "Why? X-mas?' Yes, zip-yourself!'


    1. It is really hard!!! Thanks so much for the attempt, which I must say is quite successful. You explained all the W's - who, what, where, when and why, all in 26 words, and that is pretty impressive, I must say.

  2. "A big challenge daunts everyone. Forget gentility. Have intrepidation! Just keep laconic. Make notes or prepare quite rigorously. Such tactics unleash victory. Winners--Xerox your zeal!"

    That was a bit of a challenge, Alana, but not as difficult as one might expect. Challenges usually seem easier after we've met and conquered them.

    I guess you know what's on my mind. Great post yesterday. An open invitation stands for you whenever you want to do another one.

    Blogging from A to Z

    1. Lee - this is fantastic. It even makes perfect sense from start to finish. I think that this should go up on your A to Z Challenge page - seriously. Very well done.

      And thank you for the open invitation. I would be honored to do another post and will email you as soon as inspiration strikes!

  3. "Apples, bananas, carrots divine. Everything fundamentally gorgeous, heavy in jelly. Katharine lets me noodle over, percolating quick riddles. Sisters two under verses wise. Xylogenous yearning zoos."

    I definitely used the dictionary for X! Turned out to be a poem about my sister - who would have guessed? :-)

    1. Ok, so I have to head straight to a dictionary now to figure out xylogenous, so thanks for teaching me a new SAT word! LOL. I love the STUVW line, very poetic. Actually, the entire thing is poetic, but that line just calls to me. Please say hello next time you talk to your lovely sister! :)

  4. You must have read my mind. After posting my comment I thought it would be a fun thing to post on the A to Z Blog. I'll link to this post with a nod to your guest spot as well.

    I'll post it on this Sunday if one of the team members hasn't filled that spot yet.


  5. Are bloggers crazy?
    Doubt ever forges great hope in journalistic, kindle-esque longing.
    More need of peaceful, quite repose. So that underused veins, writing, x-ray your zeal.

    Am I cheating using hyphens???? :D

  6. Adam blamed Creation. Death, envy, failure, greed, hell. I just know lust, money, new opulence, pain, queasiness. Rest slowly. Trust universe. Vow well. Xray yourself. Zip.

  7. A bothersome child didn't empty Father George's holy Italian jar. Knowing luck manifests nicely on prayer. Quietly, requesting solemnity, tactfully undo vexation with Xavier, yeilding zilch.

  8. At breakfast, Charlie didn't eat. Fortunately, grandma had iced juice. Kiwi, like many nutritious organic products, quickly reduces serving treats. Underarms visible with Xeroderma? Yield zucchini!

    I figured there had to be some disease that began with x that could be aided by eating right.:)


  9. Androids beaming center-ward down elongate fourfold, glow halo-like, incandescent. Jumping kamikaze, Lacy Murakami nearly oblongifies. Pulling quickly retrograde, she turns, unfazed, vectors world-side. Xtreme yield: zap!


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