Six Word Debate Question - writercize #153

We are just days away from the third Republican primary in South Carolina, and debate season continues as the five remaining candidates vie for a chance to run for President of the United States. The Republican debates started a good year ago (ok, so it's only been since May - at any rate, almost long enough to have a baby), and at this point, it looks as though they could run on for another couple of months, at which time the nominee will begin a series of debates against incumbent President Obama and whatever third party candidates decide to duke it out as well.

In a few if the debates, as with a Presidential Town Hall meeting late last year, interested parties could submit their questions via Twitter, limiting any question to 140 letters. Rather than stick with the Twitter method, I am curious to match debate questions up with the Six Words method of expressing a thought hosted by Smith Mag.

writercize: Use exactly six words to phrase a presidential debate question on a matter that is important to you (or representative of the American people).

Please leave your response as a comment or link to your website post - I love to see your work!

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writercizer sample response:

How will you fund education again?


What does the 99% need? (counting the number and word percent as two words on this one...)

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  1. This has nothing to do with your post, I'm afraid. :P Not a very political person myself, you see. But I just wanted to say hello and say thank you for the wonderful, heart-warming comment you left on my blog yesterday. :) I truly appreciate it, and it certainly makes all that work worth it.


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