Bathing Penguins - writercize #150

Posts have been a bit heavy lately with real world applications and serious tones, so I want to lighten things up and give you the chance to tell a story. And what animal could be more fun to highlight than the dapper little waddler, our friend the penguin?

writercize:  Tell a story, any genre (non-fiction or journalism also perfectly acceptable), prompted by the two following words: penguin, bath.

I look forward to reading about your bathing penguins!

Click "read more" for writercizer fictional (children's) sample response.
writercizer sample response:

Peter and Penelope knew penguins were the best, most beautiful specimens in the whole world.

Peter was the first born in their colony, and when he poked his head out of the egg, he could hear the pride of the Dads trumpet across the ice and echo back from the glacial peaks.

"First born! First born! Just look at that fuzzy little head. He'll have a handsome tuxedo one day!" they called out.

Penelope was the last egg to crack. When she poked her head out, there was no cause for celebration, for the Dads could not hear one another over the constant chatter of proud Papas. But one little penguin, that first born named Peter, turned to hear nodded his head, as if to say, "Welcome, beautiful baby!" and Penelope felt loved.

From that day on, Peter and Penelope were the best of friends. They loved everything about being penguins.

They loved their puffy penguin newborn fur and they loved the handsome sleek black and white tuxedoes all the Moms and Dads wore.

They loved sliding on the ice.

They loved how their little bodies wiggled and waggled and waddled from side to side when they walked.

They even loved eating regurgitated fish.

One day, Peter and Penelope's parents told them it was time to walk to the water so they could bathe and swim and fish on their own.

Peter and Penelope were very excited for the adventure.

"Penelope, what do you think the water is like?" asked Peter.

"Well, my mom said ice is from water, so maybe it is slippery. It must be very cold," Penelope replied.

"Can we waddle on the water?" asked Peter.

"I don't know, maybe!" said Penelope.

"Do fish live on the water?" asked Peter.

"I guess we'll find out!" said Penelope.

The two talked back and forth for days, imagining what the water would feel like when they arrived at the edge of the ocean. It kept their minds off their little feet that were starting to get a bit tired from the very long walk.

Finally, the penguins arrived at the shore.

Peter and Penelope watched as the grown ups lined up and dove in, disappearing under the water before coming up with a word of encouragement or a wave for the little ones.

Penelope couldn't wait to jump right in and take her bath.

She found a tall hill, plugged along until she reached the top, then flopped flat on her belly and flew down the hill, straight into the water.

It was cold and wet. It was also new and wonderful. Penelope could not wait to share her experience with her best friend Peter, but when she looked up, Peter was gone.

"Peter, where are you?" Penelope cried out.

She climbed out of the water and set off to look for him.

"Peter!  Peter!  Has anybody seen Peter?" Penelope asked everyone she passed.

Nobody had seen him, so she plopped down and began to cry. Through her tears, Penelope saw a handsome little tuxedo hiding away in a cave off to the side. She knew it was Peter, so she got up and walked over to him.

"Peter, why are you hiding here? Don't you want to jump in the water?" Penelope asked through tears.

"I don't know if I can. What if I don't float Penelope? What if I get stuck?" Peter said.

"Peter, don't you know that I will take care of you? You don't need to be afraid. Swimming is easy. I just dove and floated - it was even better than all the waddling and sliding back home! Plus, I'll be right next to you!" Penelope reassured him. 

"Besides, you sort of stink after our long walk, and it's time for you to take a bath!" she added.

Reluctantly, Peter followed Penelope to the edge of the iceberg, and together they counted to three before jumping in.

The water was cold, and wet, and so much fun! Peter was happy that he was sharing his first bath with his best friend Penelope, but he was even happier that she was there to help him when he needed her the most.

"Penelope, why did you come back for me?" he asked.

"Because, you are the only person who saw me when my egg cracked open, and you made me feel special from the moment I was born. You gave me the gift of friendship. I just shared it back with you," Penelope replied as she raised her flipper to give him a hug.

When they got out of the water, the friends saw that the water had taken off all the last of their baby penguin puff. They stood there proud in their black and white tuxes, happy to be back on familiar ice.

They were getting big, but they knew that they would be friends forever.

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