#WeekendWritercize 3 Winner: LupusAnthropos

It looks like this week's prompt stumped the lot of you, but there was one entry that was quite well executed and is absolutely deserving of the #WeekendWritercize winner badge.

Once again, here was the prompt:

writercize: Use the published poem of your choice to inspire original prose.

Congrats to Winner
LupusAnthropos (a #WeekendWritercize 1 Honorable Mention!)

LA chose a poem about fickle fortune and life's difficulties that I was previously unfamiliar with, called "Das Glück ist eine leichte Dirne," by Heinrich Heine and used it as the inspiration for a modern-day tale about a man who wins at gambling but loses in life along his drive home. 

The inspiration was clear, but the story was entirely new, which was exactly what I was looking for!

In the course of one night, Kevin Sanderson goes from winning $50,000 to getting served, while he steps out of a newly dented car and watches a tree limb being lifted from his crushed roof. That's a world of conflict in a mere 620 words! Read the entire story here.

Very well done. Please pick up your badge below.

I would also like to acknowledge November Rain who wrote a lovely story about an artist and his love, looking in through a wrinkle in time. It was for the Friday prompt, so ineligible for this week's badge, but a very nice entry into the writercize world and I look forward to more of her work in future #WeekendWritercizes!

Please come back Saturday morning at nine for another #WeekendWritercize with a slightly simpler premise. And of course check in throughout the week for lots of great non-competition writercizes to try!

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