Yelp It Out! - writercize #41 (A to Z 25)

Yelping is a great way to help out your fellow consumer and favorite local business.  Yelping, meaning writing a review on a website such as Yelp, fueled by comments and ratings by people such as yourself.  For bloggers, yelping often can also help drive traffic to your site since you may list your website with your review profile.

Some people yelp everything, including mediocrity, but I'm more of the thought that you choose selectively and yelp extremes.  A complimentary review can help a local business keep afloat in a tough economy, while a scathing review (use sparingly --- don't complain about one bad experience since someone could have just had a rough day --- use instead for repeat poor experiences or if you've been cheated or something equally horrible) can help consumers avoid making the same mistakes you've made.

writing exercise:  Log on to Yelp.  (Create a profile if you don't have one already.)  Choose a local restaurant, cafe', store in your town to rate and write a review.   Post the link to your review in the comments section below!

(Click "read more" to see writercizer sample response of Lady Alice Cleaners.  Those of you who have watched this blog for a while will recognize my sample response.  I did not have a chance to write a new yelp prior to posting this, but promise to do so upon my return from vacation.
writercizer response:


post by Alana G. - 5 stars

Lady Alice Cleaners won me over about two years ago while my husband was commuting "long distance" to work from LA to Chicago weekly.  He was home for three days and needed work shirts cleaned quickly.  Lady Alice was the only dry cleaner I approached in S Redondo able to turn them around for next day service without any additional fee.

They finished on time and delivered a good quality cleaning.  The prices are reasonable; we generally take five business shirts in at a time and walk out with a little bit of change from a ten-dollar bill.  Average turn-around is 3-4 days.

The shop is no frills and simple but organized and clean, probably worth four stars.  They get bumped up to a five star rating in my book because they always remember me when I walk in, greet me with a quick smile, and type my number into the computer.  I don't have to say my name and they remember preferences for starch/creases, and the only word I ever have to speak is "ok" after they tell me the estimated date to finish.  Whether my husband or I drop off or pick-up, they know we're a couple and produce the phone number or shirts immediately.  That level of customer recognition earned my loyalty.

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  1. http://www.yelp.com/biz/hofs-hut-restaurants-los-alamitos-2#hrid:y5cUN0WoyWKNgQZ-aaYAIA


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