Pass It On (bonus post...YOU select the topic for Madlab Post blog)

Hello writercize readers!  ***This is a bonus post for you that does not count as a writercize or A to Z Challenge (those will both come tomorrow, Apr. 19), but I wanted to share an opportunity with you none-the-less.***

I recently won a challenge through Nicole's blog, The Madlab Post, a movie blog, to choose the topic for not one, but five (!) of her posts.  She welcomed me to pass the topic selection along to my readers, so I've selected two topics but want to pass the rest on to the first three people to comment.

If you would like to submit a topic, please leave a comment here with your topic and your blog URL, and I will pass it on to Nicole!  Here's the catch - the offer expires on Tuesday, April 19 at midnight EST - so comment quickly!

The official rules follow:  "The topic does not have to be directly related to movies. It can be ANY topic that you want me to write about on the Madlab Post blog. I do, however, reserve the right to give it a movie-like spin on it depending on what I write, but the post will be on topic." 

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  1. Alana,

    I'm extending this deadline to Wednesday, April 20th at midnight EST, since some A to Z participants live in other areas of the country and around the world and are in different time zones :)


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