Slogan Contest (winner=free logo design) - writercize #35 (A to Z 19)

Just Do It!  The Ultimate Driving Machine.  Taste the Rainbow.  

The three slogans above are examples of highly successful slogans that have become as popular and recognizable as the companies themselves.

When writing a slogan, think of three goals.  Make it memorable.  Make it simple.  Make sure it relates to the product.  (Keep this in mind while you're reading - in the end you'll be challenged to write a slogan, and the winner, selected by the business owner, will receive some free design work!)

Nike's Just Do It calls to mind a fierce competitor who recognizes that without trying, there can be no success, no progress.  It calls athletes to get up off the couch, out the door and engage in the world of sports.

BMW's The Ultimate Driving Machine is simple and conveys an image of a car that is attractive, luxurious and mechanically sound.  With slogans, superlatives are acceptable.  In this case, the word "ultimate" may be in the eyes of the beholder, but an advertiser or PR writer would not be called into question for its use.

Skittles' Taste the Rainbow sounds like a fun, playful, colorful eating experience.  It sounds light and airy and happy.

I recently penned a slogan for a local women's clothing resale shop in Torrance, CA called Second Time Around.  The owner wanted to highlight her commitment to being earth-friendly, so I came up with "Reduce.  ReDRESS.  Recycle."  (The company below designed the logo; I penned the slogan.  Good teamwork!)

Today's writercize focuses on a company called Garrigues Graphics, a freelance graphic design business owned by none other than my sister.  She is looking for a slogan for her company to put on her website, business cards, postcards and online advertising and will gift the winner of the challenge with a new blog logo.  Deadline to enter is Monday, May 16 at midnight, Pacific time.  (Ed note May 17 - Deadline extended due to blogger site difficulties past week.  New deadline is Friday, May 27!!  Winner will be selected on May 28.)  Winner will be notified by writercize, so include a link to your blog so that I can get in touch with you!  

writing exercise:  Write a slogan for Garrigues Graphics.  I highly recommend looking through the website first so that you can get an idea of what the work conveys.  Multiple entries accepted from each applicant.

Below is some additional information from Garrigues Graphics to help you with the challenge.

Target audience(s):  Established / New Business Owners.  (logos, business cards, document creation)
Moms / Brides-to-be. (holiday announcements, invitations)

Unique business qualities:  Passion.  Accessible to clients.  Affordable.  "Young, new" outlook on design.

No writercizer sample response this post - it's all up to you!  Good luck!


  1. If you can think it, we can print it. Ok, ok, I'll be back with more (hopefully a good one).

  2. "If you print it, they will come..."

  3. Calling all mommies out there! If you would prefer a "mommy calling card" instead of a blog logo design, I would be more than willing! After I pick my winner, I will give you the option :-)

    Keela - GarriguesGraphics

  4. Build, Design, Conquer

    Think possible.

    Endless Ideas.

    Add beauty to the world.

  5. Graphics that promote Greatness

  6. Brainstorming here:

    Redefining Design

    Refined Designs

    Divine Designs

    Designed to Impress

    Design and Conquer

    Designing Diva

    Greet. Grab. Grow.

    Imprint. Impact. Impress.

    Ingenious Imprint-able Impressions

    Innovative Impressions

    Superior by Design

    Uniquely You, by Design

    Unforgettable Impressions

    Creating Unforgettable Impressions

  7. I'll throw a few over the fence:

    Fresh, friendly designs

    Creative solutions with a friendly approach

    Let me communicate you

    Let me brand you

    Impactful images

    Okay, I'll keep thinking...

    Langley Writes about Writing

  8. Winner is... Word Nerd with "Imprint. Impact. Impress."!

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