Word Scramble - writercize #39 (A to Z 23)

Let's have a little word scrambling fun with today's writercize.  I've selected a Shel Silverstein poem entitled The Acrobats from his collection Where the Sidewalk Ends, and I'd like you to write something new using only the words in the poem. 

writing exercise:  Scramble the words from "The Acrobats" by Shel Silverstein to come up with a new poem or phrase.  You may repeat words, change verb tense, delete words, or add conjunctions such as "and" "but" "so" "if" "or" etc. ... but no other new words.

"The Acrobats"
by Shel Silverstein

I'll swing
By my ankles,
She'll cling
To your knees
As you hang
By your nose
From a high-up
But just one thing, please,
As we float through the breeze - 
Don't sneeze.

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writercizer response:

"Circus Trainees"

Swinging, clinging, hanging high.
Breezy knees floating by.
But to your nose, please!
Up so high, just don't sneeze!

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  1. I'm excited to join and see what you will challenge me with =)
    happy w & x days!


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