Next Word 2 - writercize #30 (A to Z 14)

Happy Saturday blogosphere writercizers!  
We're just past the halfway point in the A to Z Challenge, and I believe everyone involved could use a nice little break this lovely Saturday, so I'm bringing back a previous exercise with new words.

Growing up, I can remember teachers using a very simple icebreaker to fill time on the bus for field trips or indoor recess days.  In the game, teachers would say a word, and students would free associate the next word that came to mind.  It's an interesting study on how your mind makes connections and relationships between ideas.  

writing exercise: Look at the list of words below and type your instinctual response to each word. Feel free to simply state the next word or evaluate your response.

  • Sunday
  • midnight
  • field
  • cover
  • red

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writercizer response:
Sunday - morning (coffee)
midnight - jazz
field - writing
cover - up (as in conspiracy)
red - communism


  1. Sunday - Oatmeal!
    Midnight - Starbucks run
    Field - Timbers
    Cover - UsWeekly
    Red - passion

  2. Sunday - Church
    Some childhood habits remain in my psyche.

    Midnight - Rendezvous
    I frequently hear people say it on TV and read things with the two words as a phrase.

    Field - Track
    My family has some traction in this sport.

    Cover - Throw
    This past winter has included some cold days and cold nights and even though it's Spring now, I still get chilly.

    Red - Lipstick
    R&B singer, Trey Songz has a song on his "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" album that is titled "Red Lipstick" and I was jamming to it the other day.

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  3. By the Way, You're the Winner of my Film Festival Movies Jeopardy game!

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  4. * Sunday Monday
    * midnight hour
    * field of clover
    * cover book
    * red velvet

  5. Sunday - Dinner (we always had Sunday dinner with my grandparents)
    Midnight - Cat (what we call black cats)
    Field - Mouse (pretty self-explantory)
    Cover-Version (as in what bands play...)
    Red- Shed (A colloquial expression for our equivalent to Wal-Mart)

    Cool post! I love word games.

  6. Thanks for the break :) I'm starting to lose my mojo I think!

    Sunday - bloody Sunday
    midnight - train to Georgia
    field - of dreams
    cover - duck and
    red - baloon

  7. I love these simple exercises that expose how differently everyone thinks. Thanks for the fun responses and anecdotes everyone!


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