Think Outside the Tale - writercize #145

The days until Christmas are turning into hours, and I'm a busy, busy bee with little brain to write, so I wanted to bring you a little opportunity to think outside the box quickly and painlessly.  

I will introduce a few problems Santa Claus runs across, and you twist your mind a *little* to find an alternative. Goofy fun.

Here we go.

writercize: Think outside the box to answer the following Santa-related conundrums.
  • Santa can't find his red suit this year. What will he be wearing Christmas Eve for his flight?
  • The reindeer are on strike. Who will pull Santa's sleigh?
  • Santa's on a diet. What should kids put out instead of cookies?
  • Oh dear, global warming melted Santa's glacial palace at the North Pole. Where will he relocate the factory?
  • No more coal for the bad kids - what could be worse in the bottom of their stockings?
Click "read more" for writercizer sample response.
writercizer sample response:

1 - No suit? Santa's getting covered up in his cozy fleece pajamas with pictures of penguins in stocking caps.

2 - Santa thinks about calling the polar bears, but remembers they are a little heavy on their feet and calls on a flock of sea gulls to guide the way instead, with a bat up front to use echolocation navigation.

3 - Mangoes. Santa loves the tropics.

4 - Antarctica. Santa loves the tropics and would pick Jamaica, but those elves and reindeer are too shy to be around society. They're a pretty secretive bunch, so he has to pick the other pole and hope to avoid international researchers from coming across his camp on their scientific missions.

5 - Pet skunks.  Ew.

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