The Long Dark Night - writercize #143

I'm really feeling the cold air and the lack of sunlight this time of year, and I am looking forward to getting the winter solstice over and done with. These long hours of dark skies and inability to warm my body are wreaking havoc on my inspiration.

When I was younger, my mom told me that my uncle's favorite day of the year was the winter solstice, because it signified a return to light, while his least favorite day of the year was the summer solstice, because it meant the earth would get darker again. I never understood it as a child; I couldn't figure out why he wasn't just living in the moment, enjoying the summer and hiding from the winter. Now as my mind spends a significant part of the day looking forward in time, I get it.

writercize: Use the depth of dark and promise of light as inspiration for a poem or short story.

If you are reading this post from the Southern hemisphere, I hope you are enjoying the long days of light but think of you with a bit of envy.

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writercizer sample response:

autumn's waning shadows
merge with winter's dark skies
to blanket the earth in black

bones cold
body and mind yearning for the light
i call out to the sun

"please, come back.
warm my toes and feed my mind.
i miss you."

and the sun smiles back
and hushes me

"take solace in the quiet of the long night.
my friend the moon will watch you now.
just wait."

through shivers
i thank the moon for her bright nocturnal beauty
and do as the sun tells me

i wait.

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