Spin It - writercize #140

A euphemism is a way to spin a negative into a ... slightly less negative.  It doesn't necessarily make it positive, thought it can sound deceitful pleasant, but at the very least it brings a bad thing around to something less harsh.  It paints as rosy a picture as possible.

Euphemisms basically boil down to public relations.  Useful in maneuvering tricky relationships, breaking bad news and winning in politics.  Euphemisms can also be quite useful in parenting.

"to pass away" = to die
"in a happier place" = dead
"to let go" = to fire
"to intervene" = to drop bombs and engage in warfare

writercize: Create your own, never before seen, euphemism for one of the following:
  • death
  • divorce
  • job loss
  • foreclosure
Write it out, then use in a sentence.

Essentially, I challenge you to make what could be a depressing post into something that sounds calm and lovely.  Go on - euphemize away!  (Yes, "euphemize" is a made up word.)

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writercizer sample response

job loss = "extra free time"

Jonathon plastered on a forced smile as he unlocked the front door.

"Well Sally, start the to do list - I've got some extra free time in my schedule and you might as well put me to work."


  1. ok, let's see how I can take a shot at (or "try"....hey, I used a euphemism! lol) this writercize:

    death - to expire
    divorce - to close a chapter
    job loss - to get dropped

    She was under a lot of stress after dealing with her brother-in-law's sudden expiration.

    After years of separation, the couple finally closed that chapter of their relationship to start a new life.

    He was bitter after being dropped from his high-paying position at the warehouse company.

    The Madlab Post

  2. Love the topic, but ran out of creative juices. Here's a stab at it.

    death - sleeping in a wood box
    divorce - losing the anchor
    job loss - gaining more sleep
    foreclosure - to move to a cozier home

    Months after Joe's move to a cozier home and gaining more sleep, his wife shocked him by wanting to lose the anchor. After the string of unfortunate events, all he wanted was to sleep in a wood box but much to his dismay it was not over yet...


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